Extend Your Life with a Treadmill Desk

Ponce de Leon spent a lifetime walking in search of the fountain of youth. Ironically the pursuit of his quest would have kept him alive much longer had he only walked in safer environment. Ponce died as the result of a poison arrow.

Walking daily will not only assist in your efforts to lose weight but it will in fact extend your life as well. 

Walk for Health with a Treadmill Desk

Pilates, Tai Bo, Yoga, Aerobics, Tai Chi, Weight Training, these are all wonderful programs to restore health. But they are not the answer to long term health if we do not participate in them religiously. A regular program of walking is easier for most to fit into their daily schedules.

Restoring your health demands that you first build a strong foundation of strength, vitality and persistence. Walking is perfect for this and allows us the energy and vitality to add weight training, yoga or other exercise pursuits as we gain strength. So walk first, then increase your exercise as you progress and as time permits. 

The Financial Costs of Obesity

We all know that obesity is a leading risk factor for some of the nation’s most complicated and costly chronic conditions such as heart disease and diabetes. The human costs are staggering.

As the nation looks toward controlling health care costs, no workable agenda can ignore the pressing issue of combating obesity in America. After smoking, which causes an estimated 400,000 deaths annually, weight-related conditions are the second leading cause of death in the U.S., resulting in about 300,000 preventable deaths each year.