TrekDesk Treadmill Desk Featured in Brazil’s Journal Floripa


TrekDesk treadmill desk featured today in Brazil’s Journal Floripa. Translation below:


Creations shun evils of work sitting


The New York Times always seemed to me that the health studies that conclude that people should spend less time sitting announcing the obvious. But a closer look reveals searches for something disturbing: even for active people, there are dangers when you spend many hours sitting.


Scientists have determined that after a person spending an hour in this position, the production of enzymes that burn body fat is reduced by 90%. Spending many hours sitting slows down the metabolism of glucose and reduces the level of good cholesterol. Are risk factors for developing heart disease and type 2 diabetes.


The good news is that when creative capitalism works as it should, problems open the door to opportunities.


The Steelcase, a manufacturer of office furniture, has released its first models of height adjustable desks in 2004. Over the past five years, sales of its lines of adjustable desks and a table that is a treadmill multiplied by five. Their models to work on foot between $ 1,600 and over $ 4,000 for a table that includes a treadmill. His corporate clients include Apple and Google.


“We started with a very small line, but now this is no longer a niche market,” says Allan Smith, vice president of marketing at Steelcase.


In 2009, Daniel Sharkey was fired from a machine factory. As a hobby, he had created his own adjustable table to work on foot.


Today his company, Ergo Desktop, Celina, Ohio, employs 16 people. Sales of its various models, with prices ranging from $ 260 to $ 600, have quadrupled in the last year.


Steve Bordley, of Scottsdale, Ariz., also created a solution for yourself which turned into a business. After a leg injury keep him from running, he gained weight. Then, created a desk that could be fitted over a treadmill. He started walking on a treadmill while working on the computer. Bordley says he lost 11 pounds in six weeks.


He stopped working as a commercial real estate broker and in 2007 founded the TrekDesk. Since 2008, its sales have multiplied by ten. Today the company sells several thousand units of the table, which costs $ 479 per year.


The magazine “Wired” recently praised the workstations on foot. In its October issue, chose “buy a table to work on foot” as one of its “driven by information Eighteen ways to be happier, healthier and even a little smarter.”


In recent months, several professionals joined the magazine to the tables to work on foot. “We are universally pleased with it,” Thomas Goetz, executive editor of “Wired” he wrote in an e-mail sent from his new desk where he works standing.

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