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We have pointed out on numerous occasions that obesity and its health ramifications are a global problem.  TrekDesk was featured in an article widely read in China via the NY Times that focuses on what companies and individuals are doing to change the health landscape. Here is a Google Translated version of the article:

Health research pointed out that people should not always sit, but should stand up and move around. For these studies, my response is always: “That goes without saying it?”

But if you carefully examine these endless stream of research, you will find some very interesting but very disturbing information: sedentary great harm to health, even that regular exercise not sitting. Two recent studies again referred to this view, they were published in the “British Journal of Sports Medicine (The British Journal of Sports Medicine) and the European Association for the Study of Diabetes Society (European Association for the Study of Diabetes) journal” Diabetes “(Diabetologia).

Move, do not sit

If you are like me are doing hard cardio training week on five of the gym, most of the time, and resting heart rate much lower than normal, it is clear, this does not mean that you will be able to get rid of sedentary brought to health risks.

The study is based on the observation of the health outcomes of people’s behavior rather than investigation sedentary physiological or genetic changes incentives. Scientists, however, have to form a conclusion, people sit down for more than an hour after the body is reduced by 90% for the secretion of the enzyme to break down fat. They also pointed out that the sedentary slows down the body’s sugar metabolism, and lower the good cholesterol (high-density lipoprotein, HDL) levels for short. These are risk factors that can lead to heart disease and type II diabetes.

UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles) Health Service Professor Tony Dr. Yang Se (Dr. Toni Yancey) said, “Although the research is still in progress, but we believe that the sedentary itself is harmful.”
However, a lot of people every day is still a long time to sit in front of a computer.

The good news is that, when creative capitalism when running on its own law, the problem will become the door to opportunities. Dissemination of new knowledge, changing people’s attitudes, consumer demand along with the emergence of companies and entrepreneurs will develop new products. With the development of this process, the so-called sedentary crisis will be resolved. The results appeared new workstation, this workstation allows contemporary information workers to stand on one side, even while walking side percussion keyboard.

Dr. Yang Se practice greater. She have a desk with a treadmill in the office, at home, the inside step Horizontal bike while working.

Advocating ergonomic diversified and standing work in the information age is also a back to nature. Nowadays, people tend to believe that the hard-working staff is lying in front of the screen for a long time to work. But in the 19th century and the early 20th century, the office staff, such as clerical, accounting, and managers, most of them are standing, sitting means lazy. If you’re standing work today, you will be among the celebrity camp – Leonardo da Vinci (Leonardo da Vinci) and Ben Franklin (Ben Franklin), Churchill (Winston Churchill), Vladimir Nabokov ( Vladimir Nabokov), and the “New York Times” (The New York Times) recent close-up mentioned Philip Roth (Philip Roth).

Mayo Medical Center (Mayo Clinic), Dr. James Ravan (Dr. James A. Levine) is a stationary state leader of the research field researchers. He said, when he was 15 years ago to carry out this study, the research, or pieces of fresh things.

He said, “However, this study has become mainstream. Currently, research in this field is everywhere, because it has a major impact on health care costs.”

Large office furniture manufacturer Steelcase company also adjustable workstation of this emerging market saw similar trends. This adjustable workstation allows staff to work sitting or standing, and workstation below with treadmill walking in order to staff. (This treadmill model has been inspired by Dr. Ravan, he not only made himself a workstation, and also the results of his research with Steelcase.)

Steelcase in 2004 introduced the first adjustable height desk. Desk product line sales doubled in the past five years, which can lift the desk with a treadmill Fan, reached $ 40 million. The the standing work products ranging in price from $ 1,600 to more than 4000 U.S. dollars, and more than 4000 U.S. dollars in the table with a real treadmill. The company’s corporate clients include Chevron (Chevron), Intel (Intel), Allstate (Allstate), Boeing (Boeing), Apple (Apple) and Google (Google).

(Allan Smith), Alan Smith, the Steelcase product marketing vice president, said: “This product is very small beginning, but now is no longer a niche market.”
“Mercedes-Benz” (Mercedes-Benze) Steelcase’s products can be described as standing workstations and Cadillac Cadillac “(Cadillac), but the market is also no shortage of many” snow Buddha Dragon “level of the workstations, especially those produced by a small startup company products .

In 2009, Daniel Sharqi (Daniel Sharkey) from his tool mold factory worked for nearly 30 years, laid off, when he served as manager of the factory. The Sharqi like to tinker in his garage, he worked himself to design a standing work of lifting desk. Whim called Kangaroo table, because it can hold things, can lift. He said, when he was laid off, his wife, Kathy (Kathy) said to him, “others feel this Kangaroo table is cleverly designed.”

Sharqi of Ergo Desktop today in Kayseri that City, Ohio has a 8000 square feet (743 square meters) plant has 16 employees. The company several price in between $ 260-600 models quadrupled in the last year sales. Today, the company shipped a year on 10,000 workstations.

Scottsdale, Arizona Steve Bode Li (Steve Bordley), a solution designed for himself, then he will become a business. Due to a leg injury, he can not be running, weight grew. So he designed a frame on his treadmill countertops. On a treadmill while walking to the side of the phone, using the computer. Bode Li said, after six weeks, he lost 25 pounds (11.3 kg), and annoying back pain disappeared.

In 2007, he withdrew from the commercial real estate business in favor of the establishment of the TrekDesk company. Second year, he began selling the table of their own design. (Treadmill must be provided by the user.) Since 2008, sales increased by 9 times. Currently, this table priced at $ 479 to sell thousands of copies every year.

Mr. Bode Li said, “such as jokes products are gaining a lot of people of all ages.”

Solution on standing work, DIY also increasing. Many are posted on the site, like recipes free sharing the example, For example, e-mail marketing start-up company CEO Colin, (Colin Nederkoorn), Leonard Cohen in his blog a design program. If the use of off-the-shelf materials to production, to complete this type of design, cost only $ 30 or even lower.

Recently, the “connection” (Wired) magazine even standing workstation regarded as a modern work habits and equipment weathervane. In the October issue of the magazine, “18 can make people happier, healthier and even become intelligent data-driven way” (18 Data-Driven Ways to Be Happier, Healthier and Even a Little Smarter) a will be referred to in the text has a standing work desk.

The magazine has been closely following the standing desk research and market trends, and in the past few months, the magazine has been a number of employees to be loyal users of this product.

Thomas Geye Ci (Thomas Goetz), a magazine executive editor, wrote in an e-mail, “we have this product are very satisfied.” – He wrote in his new stand-up desk to this mail.


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