International Press Coverage of the TrekDesk Treadmill Desk


Obesity is a global concern, a fact that surprises many. Yes, there are fat people in China and other asian nations. In fact Japan has imposed a “fat tax” on corporations, forcing employers to register their employees waist to weight ratios. If the combined averages exceed their standards the corporations are assessed fees to encourage them to find innovative ways to cut down on employee girth.


Dietary changes to a traditional asian diet play a role in the ever expanding waistlines ┬áto be sure however one culprit that goes as un-noticed in Asia as it is in America is inactivity. A rise in sedentary occupations is not an exclusive problem to the United States of America. Technology has changed the world so much that Tom Friedman’s breakthrough book “The World is Flat” should be followed up now with an updated title “The World is Fat”.


As a result of this growing trend TrekDesk Treadmill Desk has received attention and orders from around the globe. Articles have appeared in numerous european newspapers and magazines. The product has been spotlighted in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, United Kingdom, Denmark, Germany, France, Mexico, Brazil, Iraq, Norway, Kazakhstan and the Philippines (to name a few).


This week Greece’s most respected daily paper To Vima had this to say about the TrekDesk Treadmill Desk:


A U.S. company claims that it has developed a product that implements literally ‘work and pleasure. ” Indeed, next to the task and joy TrekDesk promises better health to those who use it. This is a desk that can fit virtually any fitness treadmills.

Work gymnastics

 TrekDesk is equipped with all the necessary equipment to handle phones, computers, printers etc. So while working and walking on the treadmill simultaneously it is certain that in this way the user with the help of the TrekDesk practiced though we are not sure if it is the same to stay focused and productive at what you do. It is so easy to type while walking?

The manufacturers, however, responded with an announcement to those concerns. “Many studies have shown that the concentration and productivity increases if one works while walking. The user immediately finds that a worker in a hallway does not feel the usual fatigue after long hours of work or after food consumption. Walking increases blood flow to the brain which means that the person is subtlety and attention to what we do, “the statement said. Manufacturers claim that the TrekDesk even have beneficial effects in both productivity and mood of the user.


The translation may not come across so well but the message is clear: the world is growing fatter and searching for alternatives to combat the problem.

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