Salt Lake City News Station Warns of Ills of Sitting


TrekDesk Treadmill Desk was featured this week on KSL News Channel 5 in Salt Lake City in a spot entitled “Standing Workspaces Promote Good Health“.


The program showed Dr. Chris Wood walking and working on his TrekDesk Treadmill Desk. “I feel a lot more energetic,” he is quoted. “It’s funny. You would think you would spend all your energy at the standing desk during the day, feeling tired in the afternoon and evening. But that’s not the case. I find I have more get up and go.” What led to Dr. Wood’s use of a treadmill desk? A back injury made sitting in a desk chair all day too painful in his office at Intermountain Health.


Dr. Wood is not the only person using TrekDesks at Intermountain Health. Dr. Joan Golden and Dr. Liz Joy also use TrekDesks to keep moving throughout their day.


Dr. Joy was the first physician in the nation to recognize the health benefits available from the TrekDesk and has been instrumental in educating Americans to the hazards of sitting. “if somebody gets up and moves just a couple of minutes out of every twenty- or sixty-minute segment of their day, they lower their glucose and insulin levels. We need to re-engineer activity back into our lifestyle,” she told KTL.


That single point sums up TrekDesk’s mission. Americans need to understand the health hazards of sitting regardless of whether they purchase a treadmill desk or not. If Americans would increase their average daily steps from 5,000 to 10,000 per day we could turn around the health crisis in this country within very short order.


Health care now accounts for approximately 17% of our GDP and 85% of health care costs are due to lifestyle related issues such as inactivity, poor diet and lifestyle. These spiraling costs are unsustainable and represent the biggest threat to our nation’s overall prosperity. It is time that as Americans we take personal responsibility for out health. The sooner Americans start following the lead of leading innovators such as Dr. Joy, Dr.Wood and Joan Golden the sooner our nation will be back on a track of health.

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