Weight Loss Goals More Achievable with a TrekDesk Treadmill Desk

Weight loss occurs when your body burns more calories than you are consuming. Losing a pound of weight requires that you burn 3,500 calories. A leisurely walk burns approximately 100 calories per walking hour so you would need to walk for 35 hours to lose one pound. Think about that for a moment. Who has time to walk for 5 hours per day, seven days a week? This should offer an insight into why dieting is so frustrating for people.Before you give up, remember that small efforts reward big gains over long periods of time. You did not become overweight overnight and if you are trying to regain your health in a week you are doomed to failure.

Studies have shown that any type of movement, fidgeting, isometric exercises etc. will burn calories. Over the course of time this constant movement will equate into better health and weight loss. However, the easiest way to lose weight is to engage your major muscle groups (back and legs) as much as you can during the day. Walking is a superior way to do this.

If you have a desk job, look at the basic math and recognize your challenges. You work 8 hours, commute for 2, and sleep and dine for another 8 on average. Add to that how much couch time you log and you will see it is virtually impossible to walk enough during your day without modifying how you work.

There are numerous ways to do this but the easiest, most effective means of walking throughout the day is to use a treadmill desk. You can achieve consistent weight loss goals between 1-2 pounds a week without any further calorie restriction.

Focus on walking enough to engage your body’s natural ability to regulate weight. Start walking today, any way that you can. If you are in front of a television walking in place will do the trick.

Remember that weight loss should be a secondary goal. Your health should be your first priority, the weight will come off naturally. Just stick to your goals of movement throughout the day and throw out the weight scale.

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