Is Television A Risk to Your Health?

The press coverage of the study has focused mainly on the impact of watching television without much discussion of the cause of the health problems: sedentarism.

Television in itself is no more dangerous than video games or working at the computer all day at work. The culprit is the couch, office chair and long commutes.

Our bodies have evolved to move through out the day over millions of years, yet in the span of a generation we have engineered movement out of our work and home environments.

Sedentarism is the leading cause of obesity in the developed countries of the world and obesity has been linked as a major contributor to more than 58 chronic diseases including the leading killers in this country: heart disease, stoke and cancers.

TrekDesk has launched a movement revolution on our Facebook page where we discuss these issues and hope to spread the word about the importance of movement through out the day.

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