90% of Women Over Age of 30 Reluctant to Exercise



A recent survey conducted by a United Kingdom mental health organization found that 90% of women respondents over the age of 30 were afraid to take part in outdoor exercise. TrekDesk treadmill desks offer a unique alternative for women to gain valuable exercise while working at their desks.

Last week researchers announced that women average less than 50% of the daily exercise levels achieved by men. Surprising survey results announced this week in the United Kingdom shed light on last weeks announcements indicating women over the age of thirty, despite understanding the health benefits of walking, cycling or other healthy outdoor pursuits, were reluctant by an alarming majority, to engage in any sort of outdoor or group exercise.

The survey, based on 1,450 women aged 30 years and above, uncovered huge barriers to women’s outdoor and group exercise pursuits. While 98% of respondents were aware of the physical benefits of outdoor exercise low body confidence and low self esteem affected 90% of the women to the point of non-participation. The survey found that 71% of women over the age of 30 preferred being alone or eating comfort food to exercise participation, 66% percent would rather go to bed and 57% chose engaging in social exercise rather than take part in physical exercise.

What barriers are women feeling that would cause them to avoid exercise? Two thirds felt overly conscious of their body shape to exercise in public. 65% doubted their ability to keep up with others in their own peer group. 60% cited negative feelings about their body’s reaction to exercise (e.g. sweating, breathless). Two thirds expressed anxiousness about an unwelcoming or cliquey exercise environment, with only 6% feeling they were likely to make new female friends.

The survey also shed light on the level of embarrassment many women over the age of 30 feel when considering exercise. 50% of respondents admitted to exercising only during early morning or late evening hours to avoid being seen by others. 2/3 of the women reported exercising only in locations where they would not be seen by anyone they know. 67% reported wearing baggy clothing in an attempt to hide their bodies during exercise.

“We need to reinforce the message that daily movement is more critical to overall health than regular trips to the gym,” stated Steve Bordley, CEO of TrekDesk Treadmill Desks. “The images of perfect body women needs to be replaced with active women of all shapes and sizes that are up and moving. Active people are much healthier regardless of weight and this message, though proven in research is not yet mainstream in society.  TrekDesk’s  movement revolution is designed to help women celebrate health and vitality based on the number of daily steps they take versus the numbers registered on a weight scale. ”


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