Seattle DJC Reports on TrekDesk User Losing 40 lbs

Seattle DJC: A company called TrekDesk, which makes the treadmill desk Mayhak uses, said she won the free desk through its Movement Revolution contest.

The desks cost $479 and are designed to fit any treadmill to create a height-adjustable workstation.

Mayhak said she either walks or stands most of the day, and does not have a traditional desk. She works as a job cost accountant with Paul Davis Restoration in Vancouver. The company repairs property damaged by fire and water.

During a phone interview while she was on her treadmill, Mayhak said, “We’re designed to walk and move. Right now I’m walking and putting stuff in a spread sheet and talking to you.”

She said walking at work forces her to concentrate more and that makes her more productive.

Mayhak decided to get a treadmill desk because she found it so difficult to get exercise with a 90-minute daily commute and three children to care for.

She keeps a steady pace of two miles per hour. Her goal is to walk five miles a day but she often walks between five and eight miles. On busy days she is at her desk longer and has logged as many as 10 miles.

Mayhak said she wears business clothes and tennis shoes at work. She only gets off the treadmill to get supplies, take a restroom break or to eat lunch. She doesn’t like to eat and walk.

She supplied her own treadmill, which she bought for $100 at a Goodwill store. Her husband added an extra fan to keep the motor cool.

Maykak said her boss was skeptical at first that she could do it but now he’s a believer and said he might even replace the treadmill for her if this one breaks.

TrekDesk said more than a dozen people have won free treadmill desks through its Facebook contest.

Steve Bordley, CEO of TrekDesk Treadmill Desks, said the company wants to educate Americans about the health and productivity benefits of movement, regardless of their age or body type.

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