TrekDesk Treadmill Desk User So Pleased with Results Starts Online Blog



“Trekdesk has become a way of life (or rather work) for me – I have all sorts of thoughts and ideas to share about my experience TrekDesking that I thought I would start a blog to share the information. When I was looking into walking at work ideas, I did a lot of research about ideas and what worked for others and what didn’t work for them – I would love for my blog to be a place for people to get a view into someone else’s life using a Trekdesk and help them make the decision to walk towards healthier living as well.”


Cindy’s experience has paralleled that of other TrekDesk users who, although making tremendous gains from a health standpoint, also value the boost in energy and overall well being that walking while working provides, “The benefits of Trekdesk for me have been increased work and personal productivity. While I am walking, I think better and am more productive. And when I am able to walk at work, I am more productive for my personal time, as I am burning calories during work that otherwise I would need to find time to burn after work.  My physical being has improved with increased muscle tone and a loss of 30 lbs over the last year. And I plain and simply FEEL better after having TrekDesked at work!

You can follow Cindy’s blog and learn more about the benefits of a workout at work (without sweating) at “Don’t Ask Me, I Just Walk Here (



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