How to Workout At Work

Numerous studies from around the globe (many reviewed here in our RESEARCH section) are warning employers and employees of the correlation between sitting time and increased risks of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, obesity and a litany of other health maladies. Adding insult to injury the studies are also showing that health risks are not undone even by a hour a day workout at the company gym. What can be done? Step one- learning how to workout at work.

Learning How to Workout at Work:

First, don’t give up on that hour in the gym if you are already disciplined enough to have that as part of your daily regimen. The next step in learning how to workout at work is to unlearn some of the myths you have been taught about physical activity. Working out at work is all about movement not exercise in the traditional sense. Walking slowly with a TrekDesk treadmill desk for example qualifies as a work workout even though you are walking less than 1/3 your normal walking speed. No sweat, no effort does not mean no exercise.

Learning how to workout at work involves continual movement through the day and is not measured in repetitions or sets of an exercise. If you cannot own a treadmill desk a sit to stand desk should be your next goal. This will allow you to stay upright more during the day, engaging core, leg and back muscles as well as signaling to your body that it needs to perform normal biological functions that shut down when we are sitting.

That’s right. Learning how to workout at work is that simple. Staying active and upright is the key. Naturally movement trumps standing but standing trumps sitting by a wide margin.

We are often asked how to workout at work without disrupting concentration and affecting performance. This is one of the biggest myths regarding working out at work. Studies have confirmed that staying in motion during the work day increases cognitive abilities and production among adults and children as well. This really should not come as a surprise to anyone wondering how to workout at work since we evolved over millions of years in an active environment not in a confining office cubicle.

So, learning how to workout at work is really about unlearning preconceived notions regarding exercise. No pain no gain does not apply to the office. In fact if you job keeps you active throughout the day researchers are finding that you have a greater chance of living a longer healthier life than the hard charging chair bound employee that jogs  and exercises at the gym daily. Our main message is relax at the office, learning how to workout at work is all about learning how to stay out of that office chair.

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