Georgia Users ‘Weigh-In’ on the Effectiveness of the TrekDesk Treadmill Desk and Walking While Working

D. L. of Atlanta, Georgia runs a corporate jet leasing company and was searching for a way to stay healthy and alert at work wrote a lengthy testimonial:

“I’ve been looking at workspace / desk options for a couple of years. I put the TrekDesk together in about 25 minutes with only minor tools, and not-so-handy handyman skills. I found the TrekDesk simple and easy to put together. Personally, I’m all thumbs and found it very simple, with good pictures and diagrams in the assembly directions.“

“Despite the advice at TrekDesk, I thought it would be a good idea to put the speed up on the Treadmill to 2-3mph (seemed slow compared to Gym workout), however i found within a few minutes that was much too fast. After 6 weeks of near-constant use, I find that anywhere from .8-1 mph is perfect for me. That is the speed (for me) that I can carry on a very normal conversation, type comfortably, file, sort, etc. At that rate, I get more energy than I give… overall a very comfortable pace.”

“Six weeks in:

1.) Very Even Energy — no afternoon lows, or mid-morning blahs… I have consistent energy during the day (averaging about 5-6 miles / day)
2.) Low Back Pain Gone — I’ve had chronic lower back pain for years. I’m now convinced that pain was from tight hip flexors caused by sitting in conventional chair all day. My back pain isn’t better, it is completely gone.
3.) Weight Loss — I wasn’t expecting or wanting to lose weight, so not a big surprise there for me. If I ate the same amount of food and made the same choices I used to make… I’d probably be losing at least 1 lb / week. I view this more as a “eat-whatever-you-want-and-not-gain-weight” proposition!”

“I thought that I’d want to keep my old sitting desk and have the TrekDesk for a couple of hours each day, but I’m 100% on the TrekDesk now (averaging 25-30 miles / week), and no longer have a sit desk at the office. The office staff thinks I’m a bit wierd, but I’ve never felt better and had more fun at the office.”

P.M. of Decatur, GA echoed these comments: “Love the TrekDesk. It was easy to assemble and it’s fun to use. The desk has lots of room and it’s still easy to reach the treadmill controls.” 

The reviews TrekDesk treadmill desk is receiving speaks volumes as to the effectiveness of walking while working. Our mission is to start a ‘Movement Revolution’, convincing Americans that movement throughout the day will dramatically improve their health, mood, weight and productivity. These reviews help ignite the conversation.”


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