Showtime’s Series “Weeds” Features the TrekDesk Treadmill Desk


TrekDesks are in use by a number of high profile writers and producers on shows such as Dr. Oz and Breaking Bad who realize the importance of moving throughout the entire day.


TrekDesk was also scheduled to be in a line up of “crazy” health gadgets on Jay Leno’s Tonight Show but upon arrival it was such a hit with the staff they decided against featuring it with other products with dubios health claims.


Walking through out the day is what we have evollved to do. Spend a little bit of time with a TrekDesk treadmill desk and you will understand why its popularity is increasing.


A TrekDesk treadmill desk was also featured alongside of Richard Dreyfuss in ShowTimes series “Weeds” in an episode titled “Viking Pride”.


We are just hoping that the more people are exposed to the idea of a treadmill desk the more they will realize that it represents a natural means of restoring health and preventing disease.

TrekDesk with Richard Dreyfuss on Weeds

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