Can Sitting Too Much Kill You?


  1.  Sitting too much is NOT the same as exercising too little.
  2. Sedentary behavior defined as <1.5 metabolic equivalents: e.g. working at a desk, watching TV.
  3. Sitting can raise your risk of mortality from disease 46%.
  4. Sitting can raise your risk of cardiovascular disease by 80%.
  5. The greater number of breaks from sedentary behavior, the lower your risks of poor health.
  6. Consistent low level exercise (e.g. TrekDesk treadmill desk walking) can prevent poor health.
  7. Sedentary behaviors lead to increases in food intake.
  8. Sedentary behaviors result in rapid and dramatic changes in skeletal muscle.
Please read this article in its entirety and consider a TrekDesk Treadmill Desk if you are sedentary during the majority of your day.

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