Women Staying Happier as They Age: Walking with a TrekDesk Treadmill Desk

 TrekDesk treadmill desks help facilitate walking by allowing individuals to walk while performing normally sedentary activities.

The Queensland study found that walking reduced the risk for poor mental health later in life for older women (study ages: 73-78, total population: 6,653) over a period of 14 years. Mental health was defined as the number of depression and anxiety symptoms reported and assessed with the Goldberg Anxiety and Depression Scale (GADS).

The women who had the highest scores for mental well being during the study were those that engaged in more consistent amounts of daily walking.

There are numerous studies that show consistent daily walking boosts mood and prevents anxiety and depression. In fact walking has been shown to be more effective than any mood enhancing drug on the market today, yet is rarely promoted as the first option of treatment by physicians.



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