Zero Calorie Krispy Kremes and Cheesesteaks

We don’t advocate eating this way but if you are going to do it at least take the steps to lessen the impact on your health.

What if there was a way to feel energetic through the day, watch weight drop to healthy levels and still manage to sneak in an occasional dietary delight? Turns out there is a move afoot that has the answer: a treadmill desk.

TrekDesk, a manufacturer of treadmill desks that fit existing treadmills illustrates that all is not lost when a diet goes out the window, as long as walking and working is an option at the office.  Below is the TrekDesk Calorie Chart showing the amount of walking time necessary to make that a gastronomic weakness a reality:

Food                        Calories            Time at TrekDesk to burn off calories                Daily Net Gain/Loss

KK Glazed Donut        250                                   50 minutes                                            .6 lb loss

Cheese Steak            1654                                  5.5 hours                                               .21 lb loss

Pepperoni Pizza          447                                   1.5 hours                                               .56 lb loss

Egg McMuffin             300                                   1.0 hours                                               .6 lb loss

Rice Cake                    50                                   10 minutes                                            .67 lb loss

*TrekDesk Settings: Speed 1.2 mph, elevation 6. Daily net gain assumes 8 hours workday on a TrekDesk.

It is widely reported that the United States is suffering from an obesity epidemic and that 2/3 of our population is currently overweight. However the obesity problem has spread far from our shores and is a growing concern in every developing nation in the world. Surprisingly, China reported 30% of its population as overweight in 2005. So much for the lo mein vs cheesesteak argument.

What is the root cause of this global epidemic? There are numerous factors but the number one culprit points to the sedentary nature of our employment. The average American adult weighs 25 pounds more today than in 1960 before the advent of computers and jobs that required sitting at a desk all day.

While  sitting our metabolism virtually shuts down. The mere act of standing at a desk burns 60 calories more per hour. Factor in an 8-10 hour work day, 1-2 hour commutes, hours sleeping and watching television and the math becomes obvious. There simply is not enough time to fit in the required exercise necessary to keep healthy and fit.

Recommendations to use stairwells instead of elevators, walking to a fellow employee rather than sending the email, parking farther from a destination, etc. help, however safety concerns, weather and time issues usually makes this recommendation fall far short of our need to move.

Bad habits lead to bad health. The best solution is one which is automatic and does not require planning or an additional time commitment. Treadmill desks answer the call. Turn on the TrekDesk and it is business as usual. The only difference is that walking replaces sitting, and ends the treadmill of weight gain and increased disease America currently faces.


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