Walk for Health with a Treadmill Desk

Most of us do not even equate walking with exercise, conversely if we do not walk enough in the day we do not recognize the harm we are doing to our bodies. We are designed to move.Our health requires that we move our bodies. Not only does our metabolism shut down when we sit but also our lymphatic system is rendered ineffective as well. This makes us all more prone to disease over the long term. A walk scheduled at regular intervals can prevent this.

The first premise of walking to lose weight is finding a means of walking a minimum of five miles per day. It may sound like a lot at first but that is only because you have not been doing what your body needs. You find enjoyment in your walk. Ask a neighbor or colleague to join in, the walk goes faster and so will you.

First, invest in a pedometer or accelerometer to measure your daily walks. Second, write it down your walk distances/times daily. That what we can see we can achieve. Walking is no different. Park and walk farther from your destinations, walk stairs rather than elevators, walk down the hall to your employee rather then sending the email. We have all heard this before.

For most of us time is such an issue that we do not have enough time in the day to walk the daily minimum requirements. If you walk less than the recommended 10,000 steps per day we suggest you look into a treadmill desk.

We encourage you not to focus solely on weight loss in the beginning of your walking program. Studies are showing individuals who walk on a regular basis can be healthier than normal weight individuals who are sedentary. So relax. You do not need to get in shape in a week. The health benefits of walking appear quickly however and you will immediately feel energized by your walking program.

So, think health first. Walk your way back to fitness and congratulate yourself each day that you meet your walking goals.

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