The Mechanics of Weight Loss Assisted by a TrekDesk Treadmill Desk

Why Did This Happen? Thank Bill Gates. Kidding, sort of. The nature of employment has changed dramatically and a majority of Americans are strapped to a desk chair and computer for most of the day now. When we sit our metabolism virtually shuts off and worse yet our food is stored by our fat cells rather than routed to our muscles. Chairs are killing us, literally. Slowly but effectively.
Standing is a better option than sitting. Standing burns approximately 60 calories an hour but try to stand in one place for a while, it is not very pleasant. Walking however is what our bodies were designed to do. We only stopped using them to walk in the last 5 decades and are paying the price for it.  

So, there in the simplest form, you have it. Diets aren’t working for Americans because a majority of us understand how to eat healthy and we do it. The reason we are gaining weight is because we do not move enough. The Surgeon General cites a minimum of 10,000 steps a day but most of us do not walk half that amount.

Who Has Time to Walk? Recent surveys showed that Americans do not exercise for two main reasons. First, they are too busy to walk 5 miles a day. Second, they lack the motivation. There are countless other reasons of course but these were the top two. Bad weather and safety factor into the equation as well.

Employment Changed, So Must We: The key to the You Walk to Lose Weight Diet is a mindset. You first must understand that your lifestyle is making you fat, not you. Armed with that knowledge you have to get up and move during the day. And move a lot. 

A pedometer is essential. It will tell you whether you are meeting the minimum amounts for walking set by the government. It still will be a challenge for those of us who are literally strapped to a desk all day however. For those individuals we suggest you consider the use of a treadmill desk.

Why a Treadmill Desk? Treadmill desks make exercise painless and automatic. Plus, you do not need to dedicate any additional time to your daily exercise. You work every week day anyway. Now you are walking rather than sitting at your desk. It is literally that simple. For more information on the advantages of treadmill desks, click here.

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