TrekDesk at Work in Police Departments

911 and 311 call centers are evaluating methods to keep their employees healthy and more productive at work. This week an article focused on police department in Spartanburg, South Carolina that decided to bring in a TrekDesk treadmill Desk for their records division personnel.


TrekDesk Treadmill Desk in use at Spartanburg police department.

Police department opts to keep employees healthier with a TrekDesk Treadmill Desk.

The records division has actually started a competition to see which employee logs the most miles on their TrekDesk during a typical 10 hour shift. The department is fully invested in the idea that employee health is dependent upon reducing the total number hours employees sit during their shift. The employees have noticed it is just as easy to complete office tasks such as reading, typing and responding to emails while they walk at their desk.


The department is participating in a national competition called the Way to Wellville which is focusing on means of improving the health of citizens. Like most companies there were many skeptical of the idea of a treadmill desk at first. Dan Lemley, the support services manager, found his initial skepticism giving way quickly based on the rapid acceptance and use of the TrekDesk by his staff. “They sit at a desk for 10 yours a day. This helps with health issues and increases productivity. It’s recommended that we walk 10,000 steps a day, and this certainly helps with that.”

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