TrekDesk Treadmill Desk in the News (Again)


TrekDesk treadmill desk went viral with a Facebook posting this week featuring a CBS News report of a city of Dallas employee who has lost 65 lbs this past year walking at work on her TrekDesk. 65 lbs – just walking a few hours per day at her 311 call center operation. During a time when most American’s cite lack of time and motivation as their number one reason for not exercising stories like these can help motivate many to realize the importance of breaking sedentary habits.


Not to be outdone ABC News featured the TrekDesk Treadmill Desk in a story about a New York Times bestselling author, Neal Stephenson, and his experiences over the past 416 days writing on a treadmill desk. Stephenson, known for his creative works of literature, should be a poster child for the cognitive benefits of walking while working. Creative thinking skills were observed to be as much as 60% higher in individuals walking on treadmills when compared to their seated counterparts in one recent study.


Need a New Idea? Get Out of the Chair!

Boosting Creativity by Walking.

The bottom line? Sitting kills. It destroys our physical health and contributes to mental decay as well. Studies have already proven that obese individuals actually suffer from a reduction in brain size. Inactivity also dramatically increases the odds of developing Alzheimer’s and at earlier ages.

So, while we at TrekDesk enjoyed seeing the great news coverage this past week out true hope is that more Americans got the message that a majority of their day should be spent in an upright position, preferably moving (treadmill desk or not).

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