TrekDesk Treadmill Desk Makes Appearance on NBC’s Parks and Recreation


This season’s (Season 7) Episode 3 of NBC’s Parks and Recreation titled William Henry Harrison prominently features Roscoe of Cool New Shiz taking a meeting in, of course, an ultra-cool office with his TrekDesk Treadmill Desk.


Parks and Recreation joins a long list of television shows including The Today Show, The Steve Harvey Show, Weeds, The Good Wife, and HBO’s hit sitcom Silicon Valley in showcasing the TrekDesk. That’s a good sign, in our estimation, for health in America in general.



When TrekDesk first started in 2008 the idea of walking while working was not exactly met with open arms. In fact, Men’s Health actually prophesized that the TrekDesk would go the way of the Thigh Master in America’s list of crazy health fads.


We are still waiting for a retraction from Men’s Health by way . TrekDesk and the treadmill desk industry is alive and well seven years from its initial launch and growing in overall use and, more importantly, in societal awareness.



Our initial goal with TrekDesk was to prove the concept that walking while working is not only possible but beneficial both from an overall health and productivity standpoint. Science has certainly proven that to be true.


Walking with a TrekDesk Treadmill Desk at Parks and Recreation

NBC’s Parks and Recreation Features the TrekDesk Treadmill Desk.


We are always flattered when we see the TrekDesk reach such mass audiences as provided by a show like Parks and Recreation but are more grateful that scenes showing office workers moving at their desks and now becoming more and more common place and accepted.


It is interesting how the perception of the treadmill desk has evolved over the years. In the beginning it was viewed as a perfect prop for a comedy spot however even in the early years some comedians instantly recognized its value for health.



Jay Leno actually requested a TrekDesk for a spot on the Tonight Show titled “goofy health gadgets”. At first we were reluctant to participate but then realized that 7 million viewers would be able to make up their minds as to whether it was goofy or valuable. An insightful turn of events happened during the staging of the show for that night. Jay  and the producers apparently saw the health value immediately and kept TrekDesk from being showcased along with a line-up of worthless health gadgets. His producer called us the next day to congratulate us on a worthwhile product that in good faith they saw no reason to ridicule. We always loved Jay anyway but now he is in our hall of fame.


It does appear that after seven years the concept of the treadmill desk has reached a positive consensus judging from media appearances alone. We know the trend will continue to spiral upward since so few Americans truly understand the health dangers of sedentary lifestyles. Keep laughing – keep walking!

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