TrekDesk II Launched on Kickstarter

If you aren’t sure whether to buy a regular desk, standing desk, gaming desk, sit-to-stand desk or a treadmill desk would you like to consider a desk that meets all of these requirements and is ready to change when you are?


I would like to introduce you to the TrekDesk II on Kickstarter, the first multi-purpose desk combination with some very unique productivity features built in.


TrekDesk II’s design is more multi-functional and utilitarian (“the Swiss Army Knife of Desks”) than any desk on the market today.

TrekDesk II  Combination Treadmill, Sit-to-Stand, Standing, Gaming Desk

It is the perfect productivity tool for keeping you active, healthy, happy, and alert – without requiring any extra motivation or additional time out of your day. Whether you currently need a motion desk, standing desk, sit to stand desk or a regular desk TrekDesk II will fill your needs now and as they change in the future.


Many of you have already decided that your relationship with the chair has to end but are undecided as to whether you need a standing desk, a sit-to-stand desk or a desk designed to integrate motion into your day.


How about a desk design that meets all of these needs?


We at TrekDesk brought the first affordable treadmill desk to the market 6 years ago. During that time we learned how our customer’s needs have changed and those needs are now met in the features of this new offering.


The original TrekDesk, available now at, featured a large height adjustable desktop 6 feet wide and nearly 3 feet deep, as large as a standard executive desk! While our existing customers love it others just could not fit it into their living or office space. Also, despite its size customers had items they simply did not want on the desktop but wanted to keep in close proximity to their desk.


Many worked for companies that would not allow a treadmill desk in the office. We designed TrekDesk II so customers can evolve from a regular desk, to a standing desk, on to a sit-to-stand desk and (once they are ready) to a fully functioning motion desk without having to purchase multiple desks.


PRICING: TrekDesk II is as quick and easy to raise or lower as motorized adjustable desks currently on the market at prices in excess of $1,750 and up.


Not only is TrekDesk II less expensive but it offers more ergonomic features, desktop space, accessories, storage capacity and multifunctional capabilities. How do we do it? We design and manufacture this ourselves and sell directly to you.


By selling direct to the consumer we eliminate the middle man retail mark ups. MSRP for the TrekDesk II will be $879.00 plus shipping after this KickStarter offering, so we hope you can take advantage of our KickStarter offer levels.


TrekDesk II now offers more surface work/storage area than our original TrekDesk (or any other competitor desk) but within a much smaller footprint.

THE DESKTOP: Whether you require a regular desk, a standing desk, a sit-to-stand desk or a treadmill desk you deserve more than just a flat surface to place a laptop or monitor. TrekDesk II’s proprietary design delivers what you need to stay organized and productive.


We experimented with a variety of desktop materials and textures for the best combination of strength and light weight properties available, along with traction control for mouse activities.


TrekDesk II’s desktop is comprised of a rigid, vacuum formed, heavy duty molded high density polyethylene (HDPE) with steel reinforcements and built-in productivity and ergonomic features.




two cup/utility holders, one on either side for drinks or office essentials like pens, pencils, paper clips, car keys, spare change, etc.


– a molded wrist wrest making typing easier, keeping your hands in the correct ergonomic position for less muscle strain during the day.


an angled and embedded mobile phone/mini-tablet well which keeps your communications secure and in easy reach and vision.


a manuscript/tablet display stand, incorporated with a swing arm, movable to either side of the desk allowing easy access and exact placement of an iPad, Kindle, tablet computer, magazine or manuscript.


– two cable management conduit caps to manage your cable connections more efficiently and keep the desktop clear of clutter.


a steel reinforced plate underneath the backside of the desktop allows for convenient attachment of monitor mounts if so desired (though rarely needed).


-the desktop’s center cut out area is designed to allow working while walking, unobstructed by the generous amount of below desktop storage area available.


-Desktop Dimensions: 36.84 inches deep by 47.84 inches in length.




THE TREKDESK II BASE: What can we say? This desk is striking with its black on silver design.


We have designed two (2) fixed height aluminum lower shelves below the top desktop to hold large office equipment such as printers, scanners, multifunction machines, gaming equipment, office files and supplies.


Now everything you will need to stay productive is in easy reach and out of the way of the desktop, leaving you more room to spread out and work on a variety of projects. These shelves also contribute added stability and strength to the design and increase its weight bearing capacity exponentially. TrekDesk II is solid as a rock.


Raising and lowering the desk to your exact needs is now a breeze with our patent pending dual sided manual height adjustment system that lets you adjust the desk to your precise settings easily and quickly.


TrekDesk II now accommodates users that are 4 feet 6 inches tall to 6 feet 6 inches tall depending upon how they use the desk. In effect, TrekDesk II fits most people over the age of twelve up to an average NBA forward.


Manufactured from aeronautical grade aluminum, the base incorporates a sturdy foundation for the entire desk unit. The base design offers the option of using two (below desktop) shelving units in either of the following configurations:


a) As a seated desktop surface sufficient in size for normal desk activities, such as writing or working on a laptop. Located underneath the main standing desktop surface area (easily adjusted to your exact standing height) this fixed height desk surface area allows the TrekDesk II to be utilized as a sit-to-stand desk which would not require any adjustment during the day. Stand or sit at your leisure, all at your perfect ergonomic height settings.  The second lower shelf is perfect forperipheral devices such as modems, scanners, printers, multifunction & gaming devices, supplies and storage.




b)  As two lower shelves for peripheral devices such as modems, scanners, printers, multifunction & gaming devices, supplies and storage.


-The two fixed height lower levels of shelving are each 14” deep x 39” long.


a) The top shelf is fixed at a height of 30.5 inches from the floor and as previously mentioned could easily serve as a “chair height” seated level work surface with the desktop above adjusted to your standing height. When you are ready to add a treadmill, elliptical or stepper simply use the top shelf for large office equipment like printers, scanners or multifunction machines.


The bottom shelf is fixed at a height of 18.5 inches from the floor and is a great place for supplies, surge protectors, peripheral devices, storage, wireless devices, modems, or a full range of gaming devices. TrekDesk II makes a great gamer’s desk allowing you to stay in motion while you engage in hours of your favorite pastime.


 EASE of ASSEMBLY: It couldn’t be any simpler. TrekDesk II comes with the only assembly tool you will need: a hex wrench. It’s that simple. Assembly time should be approximately 30-45 minutes at the most for the base unit. The height adjustment component comes intact and pre-installed, and the desktop requires no assembly, just an attachment to the base.

TrekDesk II’s base is 41 inches wide with an interior dimension of 39 inchesacross assuring that TrekDesk works even with commercial size treadmills if you decide to add one later.


-You can use ANY of the treadmills now designed specifically for treadmill desks or adapt an existing treadmill (some modification may be necessary depending on the model), elliptical or stepper for use with your Trekdesk II at a much lower cost than competing combination units.


-The lower cross brace of the base unit (underneath the bottom shelf) measures 15″ (rear) to 17 inches (front) from the floor allowing clearance for a treadmill’s incline to rise obstruction free.


Why is this important? Walking at increased inclines can increase the calorie expenditure of your walks on a treadmill by as much as 2x that of walking on a flat surface treadmill. It also provides a better stretch and less stress to your feet, back, hamstring and calf muscles, so this is a very valuable feature.


AESTHETICS: The TrekDesk II is visually stunning. Its aluminum base set against its black desktop incorporates an attractive design equally suited to either a corporate or home office setting.


TrekDesk II’s desktop if fashioned from high grade HDPE with steel reinforced regions underneath. Its base unit and shelving utilizes aeronautical grade aluminum, assuring a lifetime of use and protection from the elements.

TrekDesk II  Combination Treadmill, Sit-to-Stand, Standing, Gaming Desk

TrekDesk II Combination Treadmill, Sit-to-Stand, Standing, Gaming Desk

 CABLE MANAGEMENT: The two shelving units located below the desktop have 1.5″ raised rear based lips that run the length of the shelves with conduit openings on the ends. These work perfectly to place surge protectors which connect to cabling from the two cable management conduit caps on the desktop and for peripheral devices below. This makes it easy to manage your cable connections more efficiently and keep the desktop and floor area clear of cable clutter.
Cable Management with TrekDesk II Combo Treadmill Desk

Cable Management with TrekDesk II Combo Treadmill Desk

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