Educators “Walk the Walk” with TrekDesk Treadmill Desk


It is no secret that childhood/teen obesity and inactivity rates are at critical levels in our country. Many educators, hamstrung with budgeting and scheduling limitations that severely limit a student’s opportunity for movement during the day, are at a loss. Worse yet, many students and parents are unaware of the health dangers of inactivity. Innovative educators across the country are no longer willing to take this sitting down and some have implemented a new plan of attack which includes the TrekDesk Treadmill Desk to get things moving again.


Already in use at many universities and colleges across the country TrekDesk has also been put to use in public and private schools by administrators and teachers interested in “walking the walk” when it comes to educating others of inactivity’s health risks.


The Detroit News today focused on a Detroit charter high school which specializes in fostering health care careers that has implemented the TrekDesk as a model for students and a health tool for administrators.


“Health is so important, our high school is named the Cornerstone Health + Technology High School,” stated Tom Willis, CEO of Cornerstone Charter Schools to the Detroit News. When asked why he added the TrekDesk Treadmill Desk to his administrative headquarters his answer summarized what many educators nationwide recognize. “It’s important to me that we walk the walk.” Mr. Willis’ dedication and vision along with those of his staff has propelled Cornerstone to a 6th ranking in Education Week’s “Top 35 High Schools Worth Visiting”, an outcropping of Michele Obama’s drive to end childhood obesity.
How do other staff members feel about the TrekDesk Treadmill Desk? Josh Britton, COO of Cornerstone sums it up in the article. “Obviously, if we’re going to preach healthy living, we have to live it. It’s the mission we’re all trying to achieve. It’s not only a great alternative to sitting at a desk all day, I find I do my best thinking while in motion.“


There is a sea change occurring regarding the acceptance of treadmill desks as a viable means of restoring health at the office and/or schools across the country. Adults are quickly learning that sitting at a desk is now equated with the health risks of smoking and educators and school administrators now realize the impact this can have on their students. I am certain that you will see more urgent requests for “motion opportunities” requested by educators, parents and students going forward.

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