Michigan Physical Therapist ‘Weighs-In’ on the Effectiveness of ‘Walking While Working’


TrekDesk Treadmill Desk has received favorable reviews globally since its launch in 2008. Spotlighted for its value and health benefits by Fortune, Forbes, Scientific American, U.S. News & World Report, the New York Times and Wall Street Journal, the reviews from Michigan office and home users of the TrekDesk have also been excellent.


LM, a physical therapist in Davison, Michigan knows the health hazards of sitting first hand, both professionally and personally. “I am a physical therapist who over the years has moved from treating patients in my own clinic as well as clinics owned by my colleagues, to more of a management/electronic medical documentation software administration position. With this change came the drudgery of sitting at a desk 8+ hours per day. Needless to say, I needed to start treating myself as a patient for neck pain, back pain, buttock pain etc. (not to mention the troublesome expansion of my waistline despite working out 3+ times per week). The TrekDesk has allowed me to still be very productive in my job without sitting all day. I began using the TrekDesk 1 hour per day at first, then I progressed it to two hours and now I use it approximately 4 hours per day. The time on the treadmill passes by so quickly because I am busy with my work, but by the time I have worked on it for 4 hours at 1.8-2.0 mph, I can look down (without neck pain) and see that I burned 400-500 calories. The way I see it, I just negated the calorie intake from lunch! I have recommended the TrekDesk to several of my coworkers who complain of the same pains and expanding waistline that I had. If I were still treating patients in a clinical setting, I would highly recommend the TrekDesk to help them be more active throughout the day as well!


Since the average American walks 5,000 steps per day it is important to gradually increase walking levels up to the minimum recommended 10,000 steps (set by the Surgeon General) and beyond. TrekDesk recommends adding no more than 15 minutes more walking each day initially.


“The reviews and acceptance that TrekDesk is receiving speaks volumes as to the effectiveness of walking while working. Our ‘Movement Revolution’, launched in 2008, is starting to convince Americans that movement throughout the day will dramatically improve their health, mood, weight and productivity. These reviews help ignite the conversation on a local basis,” stated Steve Bordley, CEO of TrekDesk.com.


Designed to fit any existing treadmill, TrekDesk treadmill desk is an affordable, full sized, height adjustable workstation that allows individuals the opportunity to gain the necessary amount of daily exercise to lose weight, maintain health, reduce stress, prevent disease, strengthen muscles, boost mood and productivity, without requiring additional time during the day or extra motivation.


Join the TrekDesk “Movement Revolution” to learn more, spread the gospel regarding movement, or win a free TrekDesk   http://www.facebook.com/trekdesk, or follow TrekDesk on twitter http://www.twitter.com/trekdesk. TrekDesk treadmill desk is currently available for sale online at www.trekdesk.com.

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