TrekDesk Treadmill Desk in the News

TrekDesk treadmill desks have been featured prominently in the news lately on the heels of yet another study (University of Minnesota) that showed a 10% increase in worker productivity adding to the growing body of scientific evidence regarding their health benefits.


Kiplinger Finance prominently featured the TrekDesk treadmill desk in its article entitled “Walk While You Work -a treadmill desk can help take the drudgery out of the daily grind”. Kiplinger’s article focused on how alert and refreshed workers remained if they were upright and moving while they worked which coincided with the University of Minnesota study that actually correlated and measured this energy boost into productivity gains. Anecdotally there has been a tremendous amount of evidence that TrekDesk users improved their health and productivity by trading in chairs for a more active lifestyle but science is now chiming in and quantifying what tens of thousands of users already know and experience on a daily basis.


Kiplinger showcased an example of a Washington D.C. travel executive using the TrekDesk Treadmill Desk: “It’s easier if you have your own office, and even easier if you bring your own equipment. When Chase Poffenberger, an executive vice-president of a travel company, wanted to install a treadmill desk in her office, she got the blessing of her business partners and paid for the setup herself. She bought the TrekDesk, a $497 U-shaped steel workspace, which rests on top of an Exerpeutic treadmill she picked up for a couple hundred dollars at Target.” This has always been a grass roots movement with employees taking charge of their own health but more and more employers are becoming convinced of the benefits by their example.


The Sioux City Journal chimed in this week as well with tips on how to transform an office into a more fit atmosphere utilizing the TrekDesk. They focused on the affordability aspect of the TrekDesk since so many existing treadmills in the United States are underutilized: “Got a treadmill acting like a clothes hanger in your spare bedroom? Then you could be halfway to a walking desk. Yes, a walking desk – a desk that wraps around a treadmill – is the hot new corner office accessory. One model on the market is the TrekDesk, an adjustable-height U-shaped desk that curves across the front of your treadmill, leaving space for a laptop, an inbox, a phone and more. Yes, there are cup holders. Stroll along at a gentle pace – up to 2 miles an hour – while working. Or stand still when you need to focus.”


Articles on the TrekDesk and other treadmill desk alternatives are appearing on a weekly basis, a testament to the growing awareness of the health hazards of sitting and the need to stay in motion during the day. We are proud to have played a role since 2007 in educating employees about the health hazards of sitting and excited to see that the concept of treadmill desks have evolved into the mainstream.

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