Bay Area Special Effects Animator Nixes Office Chair and Regains Health with TrekDesk Treadmill Desk


Ray Sena, a professional special effects animator in the film industry, works at a profession that demands long hours set in sedentary studios allowing little opportunity for physical activity. The effects of this sedentary environment presented Ray with some severe health challenges that forced him to creatively change his work environment into one that both satisfied his health needs and those of his employers. His solution? A TrekDesk treadmill desk.

“My background with TrekDesk started when I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis, due to my sedentary lifestyle from being a special effects animator for films, working at studios around the globe with others who sit 8-12 hours a day. Since then I have been able to stop taking harsh pharmaceutical drugs as long as I live an active lifestyle, which TrekDesk makes so easily available, along with better eating habits, I continue to be UC flare up free, and try to spread the benefits of using TrekDesk to other athletes and people who have jobs requiring them to be at a desk the majority of the work day,” stated Ray.


Like many TrekDesk users who turn around their health Ray promotes his message of movement to others within his industry. “I have many colleagues who work at large animation/film studios in the Bay Area, and LA, such as Pixar, Sony, and ILM. I spoke with many artists who are interested in trying a treadmill desk, they just assume they are harder to setup and more expensive than they really are. Setting up mine was a breeze, and most likely, the total cost was much less than studio desks and Aeron chairs they get artists to “help” them sit longer.”


“The entertainment industry caught onto the concept quicker than most,” stated Steve Bordley, CEO of TrekDesk Treadmill Desk. “TrekDesk has been in use on shows or behind the scenes including Breaking Bad, Weeds, Dr. Oz, Steve Harvey, Today, The Good Wife, National Geographic, CNN, Fox News, CBS, NBC and a host of others. Creative, entrepreneurial individuals like Ray recognize the health/productivity impact of staying in motion during the day and are leading the Movement Revolution that is occurring in offices all over the country.”


Ray, currently a freelance VMX Artist ( took his new found passion for health a step further founding Trail Run Oakland (www.TrailRunOakland) a travel/health organization that guides solo and group trail running trips through many of the beautiful 1,200 miles of San Francisco Bay area wilderness.

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