CityTownInfo Features TrekDesk in Report of Workplace Productivity

Treadmill desks have weathered the storm of objections over the past five years and have established themselves as worthwhile tools in the battle against ill health and obesity. However skeptics have held out one last objection that on the surface always struck us as ill conceived and counter intuitive: How can workers be productive while walking on a treadmill desk? We our ancestors more productive sitting on rocks or staying inside the cave all day? We just could not have survived as a species if we thought better on our posteriors than upright and moving.

But we live in an age of science where everything (and rightfully so) should be proven, even the most basic tenants of health. Surprisingly we have to re-educate a lot of health experts that our bodies were designed to stay in motion all day.

Hundreds of studies have illustrated the curative and disease preventative powers of walking but only recently has evidence been compiled to refute the last objection thrown up by sedentary critics – productivity. Published in the journal Obesity a new study reporting on the effect of a treadmill desk on productivity found that workers not only preferred walking to sitting, that they actually were able to walk without falling (gasp), and when self and management measurements were monitored their productivity actually increased (second gasp!).

More studies are in the works as well at universities across the country to measure specific and long term outcomes on productivity from the use of a treadmill desk. We are willing to lay down odds that the outcome will be consistent with human evolution. If not we have a back up plan that involves a design of a chair that attaches to a tree limb and another motorized version to scoot you across the grasslands at speeds greater than the fastest predator of the day (that’s Bank of America isn’t it?).

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