The Distinction Between Exercise and Movement


We are often asked how anyone can expect to exercise at work without sweating, feeling fatigued or sounding out of breath on the phone. The reason this question is upper most in people’s minds is that exercise is equated with exertion, sweating, gym equipment and cardio workouts. Fair enough. The surgeon general states that we should get at least 30 minutes of exercise 5x per week and we would argue that it should be an activity that raises your heart rate and requires physical effort. However, this is independent of what the TrekDesk Treadmill Desk is designed to offer employees.


Their is a distinction that needs to made between exercise and movement. Our bodies need both and neither replaces the other in importance. A significant new finding in exercise science has revealed however that even physically active individuals who visit the gym regularly are still at risk for heart disease, cancer, diabetes, stroke and a variety of other diseases if they spend the rest of the day sitting in an office.


TrekDesk Treadmill Desk was designed specifically to take care of the body’s need for movement for sedentary employees. It was not designed as an “exercise” replacement. Many users are surprised however that by the end of the work day walking with a TrekDesk at work fuels them with additional energy to want to hit the gym or play outside with their children. Our bodies were designed to stay moving with an occasional need for physical exertion (think like a caveman). If we eat a balanced diet of whole, natural foods, stay in motion as much as possible and increase our heart rate according to the Surgeon General’s guidelines we are on a path to improved health and a greater sense of well being and happiness. If you would like to read more about staying healthy without stressing out or obsessing we suggest you read Len Saunders fitness blog, Your Health Journal.


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