Why Your Teeth Want You to Walk


We have written about the negative impact on health caused by inactivity and its corresponding link with obesity since launching the TrekDesk Treadmill Desk in 2008. In that time we have leaned that sedentary lifestyles harm every facet of our health. We have been challenged to find any particular component of health that is not negatively impacted by sedentary lifestyles. So it comes as no surprise that a recent study found that obesity can actually ruin the health of your teeth and gums. That’s right, sitting over the years and gaining those extra pounds will rot your teeth and add to an already increased risk of heart disease.


Obese, inactive bodies produce a relentless supply of cytokines. Not good. Cytokines are proteins with significantly inflammatory properties which may act to injure gum tissue by restricting blood flow and promote the development of gum disease. Worse yet, these cytokines then are able to enter the bloodstream and cause inflammatory diseases in other parts of the body such as heart tissue.


What can you do? Brushing and flossing daily help to inhibit the effect of cytokines on your gums but one of the best recourses to stop their production is to stay moving throughout the day, eat a balanced diet and make an effort at lowering your risk of obesity.



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