THIS IS MY SECOND TREKDESK! I never write more than a one or two sentence reviews on products but the customer service I received today makes me feel a little obliged to. Just today I wrote TrekDesk directly letting them know one of the plastic caps went loose. These are the same caps that go on the feet to not pinch the carpet as much but are also what keep the desk surface part from moving (hard to explain but you'll see if you get one). Anyway they wrote back within a couple hours that they were sending me a new one. This is my second TrekDesk but not because of a poor product. I tried this with two previous jobs and found I could not do the work properly. One was investigating properties for environmental problems and the other was drafting work. Hard to explain why the first one didn't jive well but if you are familiar with drafting you could easily guess it. The product is fine, great maybe, but now I have a job selling furniture online and I find it works amazing. Its BIG, but it gives me plenty of room for triple 27" monitors. This is great because 95% of what I do is digital and there is plenty of space for my phone, headset, keyboard+mouse and I write in a couple notebooks to my left. Still there is room left over and I'm considering sawing off a few inches of each side and sanding down but I'm afraid of how it will turn out. I recommend that if you are looking at this to lose a ton of weight do some research. You will not drop pounds like crazy right off that bat. You need to follow a proper diet and exercise smart. This will however amazingly compliment a healthy lifestyle. It will help against being sedentary and all the chronic illnesses that accumulate from that. It will make you feel better about how you spent your day; which should not be taken lightly in regards to the effects your mental well being will have. It WILL help you lose weight but it is small and cumulative. I probably walk at 1.5 mph for about 4 hours a day (I stand when I write and I also have a tall stool that I sit on sometimes). That can't burn that many extra calories but they add up right. So does your job allow the room and tasks that work with walking? Sales and customer support I can vouch hands down it will. Anyone who spends more than 50% of there time engaged with the keyboard can...well count on about 50% of their work to work with this setup. Can you afford it? Its $500. I've gotten MORE than my money out of it and will continue to do so for I suspect a long time (not many things to go wrong with the product really). Oh ya Definitely assemble on as flat as surface as possible, and plan on needing a lot of room for the actual assembly. I don't know I love. I think after 5 years my treadmill is almost dead so I'm planning on getting a new one.
- TM (Minneapolis, MN - Amazon 5 Stars)