I'M USING IT NOW!I read the reviews AFTER I ordered and before it arrived, and I was getting ready to kick myself - but thank god none of the bad reviews proved true in my case. My desk DOES NOT wobble. All the parts were there and the two guys who put it together for me had no trouble - I think it took them about an hour. The only problem they ran into was inserting the legs into the table - one side got stuck because it must have gotten slightly bent in during shipping. But there was no reason to slide it in any further as the height proved right for me. I have my monitor and keyboard and a mess of books and papers and DVDs on it - this thing is HUGE. I feel like I'm stepping up to Starboard command when I get on my treadmill to do this. It does take up a lot of room - but shouldn't you expect that? It stands over a full sized treadmill! All I have to say is I have not experienced ANY trouble with this, and I am VERY PLEASED I purchased it.
- AR (New York, NY - Amazon 5 Stars)