STUPENDOUS! This desk is super sturdy. It was a piece of cake to put together with a power drill. My 40 yr old son & myself (62 yrs young) put it together within 30 min. The screws were in separate pkgs which one of the reviews had commented about so the manufactor had paid attention & corrected that issue. This desk is really big so you do need a fair amount of space for it but the construction is very high quality & very attractive. I was concerned about the height since I am 5' 3" & the specs stated you needed to be 5'4". However, my treadmill is 7" hight & I placed a puzzled interlocking mat system under the treadmill only (the desk was outside the mat) which added an additional 1". I had a really flat fan for my laptop so it didn't add hardly any height. The desk is now the perfect height so my arms are at a 90 degree angle which is recommended so you don't get carpel tunnel. I do digital scrapbooking & so far I am loving this desk. It is great to watch TV & do my hobby while exercising. They say to find something you love doing for exercise. I think I have finally found the answer to how to make exercising fun! One fabulous product!
- HS (Amazon 5 Stars)