INSTABILITY CLAIMS NOT ACCURATE. I debated long and hard before submitting my purchase because of the hand full of reviews that claim this product is horizontally unstable. My husband finally made this purchase for me because he was tired of my inability to make a decision. I just could not bear the thought of disassembling this and packing it back up to return it if it was in fact unstable. I AM HAPPY TO SAY THAT THESE CLAIMS ARE TOTALLY FALSE. I have to assume that those that have had problems with stability have not assembled the TrekDesk correctly. I have been working from home for 9 years now and I was becoming so weary of sitting all day. I'm happy to say that I love my TrekDesk, I love walking through my work day, and my TrekDesk desktop is totally stable. I actually got up on it to change I light bulb, which basically makes me an idiot but nevertheless it held just fine. :) I love the accessories, the quality of the product and I do find that I am more alert and focused while I am walking/working. Since I do in fact type, it took me a couple of weeks to get used to keying while walking. The ONLY thing that I find less than ideal, is the size of the TrekDesk. It's a little bigger than is necessary. I think the work surfaces to the right and left are larger than they need to be which translates to it taking up more space than I would like. Other than that, I love my TrekDesk and I love that I am moving.
- NMW (New Mexico -Amazon 4 Stars)