HAPPY USER SINCE 2010: I bought my TrekDesk through Amazon back in 2010 right when the first onslaught of "sitting is killing you" articles came out. I had it and a reasonably priced Merit treadmill delivered straight to my office. I didn't buy a treadmill-desk for massive weight loss (although I was looking forward to a little). I run three times a week and my primary motivation/hope was that regular low impact walking would improve my overall fitness and make me less prone to running injuries. I'm happy to say mission accomplished! So a few notes on the Trekdesk in particular and and treadmill-desks in general. Trekdesk: Customer service: great! Assembly: a bit of a chore but I drafted my dad and we were all set up in a couple of hours. Definitely a two person job as some of the pieces are large and heavy. Stability: rock solid even fully loaded with office stuff, treadmill on and typing Size: this is a very large desk, equivalent to a standard office cube desk. You don't need anything this big if you're just going to walk and read your Kindle. However in a full office setting I think the large size is perfect (and important). There's room for my full keyboard, laptop docking station, phone, coffee cup, spiral notebook, and most importantly, a standard LCD monitor. I highly recommend incorporating a monitor into your set up that let's you adjust the screen height. I was able to position my monitor dead center and then elevate the screen so that I can walk while looking straight ahead with a straight, relaxed, neck. It just seems like a bad idea to walk for extended periods with a bent neck looking down at your laptop screen or a monitor you couldn't elevate. If you want to start out that way, just make sure the screen is directly in front of you and not off to one side. Treadmill-desks in general: After your first morning of walking, be prepared to be more hungry for lunch than you have been in years! If weight loss is a specific goal, be careful not to go nuts. Drink a lot of water and much (sparingly) on protein based snacks like mixed nuts that will help you feel full. This "reactionary hunger" is one of the reasons studies show people often lose more weight with moderate exercise than with heavier exercise. Don't expect to walk 8 hours straight the first day, perhaps ever. I tried to go all day the first couple days (after all, I've run marathons! How hard can this be?) Hard. You'll be dealing with physical fatigue as well as mental fatigue that pulls your work productivity way down. If you want to go all day, expect to train for it just like you would for a 10 mile run. Because of this, have a back-up desk and chair for when you need a break. I've settled into a routine that involves walking from morning to lunch with sitting breaks for meetings in other conference rooms, sit for lunch, back up for another hour or so and then see what kind of tasks I have for the rest of the day. If my afternoon is "numbers based" (Excel, analysis, form filling, etc.) I might keep working. If my afternoon is more "words based" (writing proposals, synthesizing multiple points of view into a document) I'll most likely sit since I feel the brain fatigue more with those tasks. (I'd be interested to hear if any novelists use treadmill-desks; I would find that very difficult.) With all that said, I definitely recommend trying out a treadmill-desk, and if you're in an office setting, the TrekDesk is a great way to go.
- RS (Alameda, CA - Amazon 4 Stars)