The TrekDesk treadmill desk is making quite a splash throughout the United States and is in use in Canada, Europe, Asia, New Zealand and Australia. Why is it so popular? It is affordable, it works and it is life changing. Simple as that- but don't take our word for it, read the reviews below or watch the videos showing how easy it is to workout at work.

Remember, TrekDesk partners with Amazon.com so your purchase of a TrekDesk treadmill desk is guaranteed by the Amazon A-to-Z program. View customers using the TrekDesk treadmill desk on our video page, view the press coverage or read the customer testimonials below:

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"TrekDesk: One of the best office luxuries available anywhere."

US News & World Report
"TrekDesk: A Fitness Splurge Worth the Money."

Scientific American
"TrekDesk: Selected for Scientific American's Annual Top 10 Gadget Guide (2010)."

Los Angeles Times
"Walk calories and aches away. Effective, economical alternative to the WalkStation."

Reader's Digest
"TrekDesk: Stand up and stay healthy."

HR Magazine
"...help keep health premiums down and create a healthy workforce."

What Customers are Saying

EASY TO ASSEMBLE & FOLDS FOR EASY STORAGE! If you are looking for a way to get some exercise while at your desk, this is the way to do it. I have arthritis & suffer from lower back & hip pain which is exacerbated by sitting for extended periods. I did a lot of research prior to purchasing and found ....  Read more - JH (Marietta, GA - Amazon 5 Stars)

THIS DESK IS BETTER THAN ADVERTISED! I work remotely from my home and was concerned about the 2 pound a year I was putting on with not eating any more than I usually do. At 54 years old, I knew the answer was to increase my exercise and speed up my metabolism. I purchased the TrekDesk and today i....  Read more - Joyce (Knoxville, TN - Amazon 5 Stars)

PERFECT FOR A BOSS WHO DOES NOT HAVE TIME TO WORKOUT! My boss has an "A" personality in a stressful job. Seriously does not have time to workout. He saw an all-in-one treadmill/desk for $5,000.00 and felt if he could workout and work at the same time he could get some exercise and lose some weight. ....  Read more - AS (Beaumont, TX - Amazon 5 Stars)

WISH I HAD ONE OF THESE SOONER! On the advice of my physical therapist, I purchased a TrekDesk a few weeks ago. I can't begin to explain how much I love it! I started walking at a pace of a mile and a half an hour and just doing email. After just two weeks, I was consistently walking at a pace of tw....  Read more - JC (St. George, UT - Amazon 5 Stars)

BEST $$ I HAVE SPENT IN DECADES - I'LL NEVER GO BACK TO SITTING! I am in my 50's now and I work from home, so I knew that sitting all day was quickly aging me. It seemed I could never get to the gym on most days. Plus, even if I squeezed in the occasional workout, it was offset by 7-9 hours of sitti....  Read more - MI (Manakin Sabot, VA - Amazon 5 Stars)

ENDED MY 3rd WEEK OF USING THE TREKDESK YESTERDAY, I LOVE IT! Averaging between 8-9 miles/day walking at a pace between 2-3.5 miles/hour depending if I am typing, reading or on a call. I have noticed a big increase in my energy level at the end of the day & have been looking forward to my regular da....  Read more - PW (Facebook Review)

BEST EXERCISE INVESTMENT I'VE MADE! Lots of space to set up a second monitor and spread out documents to work while walking. LW (Chandler, AZ - Amazon 5 Stars)

IT MORE THAN DOES ITS JOB, NOW I HAVE TO DO MINE! Quality product. Very sturdy with copious space for computer, readings, phone and all. Has us sedentary folks moving. Be sure you have an electric drill/screwdriver. JY (California - Amazon 5 Stars)

LOVE IT! Received my desk the end of last week... walking/working today... MA (Sikeston, MO -Facebook Review)

GREAT DESK, LOTS OF SPACE & HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE! Assembly was easy using the link to the youtube video! I've adjusted easily to a multi hour walking while working routine. No feet or knee problems either . :) CM (Storm Lake, PA - Amazon 5 Stars)

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