It may not surprise many that America's growing obesity epidemic has spread to our children where, according to the most recent statistics available from the Centers for Disease Control, 35.5% between the ages of 6 -11 are obese/overweight. New York City just reported that 40% of chidren among this age group are overweight.

Among New York City children who were overweight, 22 percent were obese, compared with 19.6 percent nationally.

Not surprising is that the obesity rates are higher in less affluent regions of the country where access to healthier foods and safe, readily available recreational opportunities are restrictive. Before feeling unaffected by that fact however consider this, none of the more affluent areas in New York City boasted an obesity/overweight rate lower than 11.7% with some as high as 18.3%.

A recent report out of Shanghai, China found that 1/3 of their school aged population was overweight or obese.

China? What gives? Higher fat diets to a degree but also a lack of physical activity as found in other developed nations.



Fat in China

There is a global obesity epidemic in developed nations within both the adult and childhood communities. Poor diets play a significant role however the lack of physical activity is evident as a major contributor as well.

Budget cuts at schools here in the United States have taken away the emphasis and time allotted towards physical fitness that existed during the 1960-1970’s. Children find themselves engaged in more sedentary pursuits including computer games, social networking, and an expanded media entertainment offering.

Get yourself and your children up and moving. Their health is at serious risk without your attention to this alarming trend in our society.