As if being overweight didn't inflict enough bad news medical researchers at the Center for Addiction and Mental Health and the University of Toronto have determined that there is a link between obesity and ADHD.

Their research found a significant correlation between obesity and test individuals inability to adhere to diet recording, planning and meal preparation. They then devised a study to measure whether ADHD could be considered a culprit in this scenario. Lo and behold the study confirmed that it did.



Link Between ADHD and Obesity?

Before we run off and ask our doctors to treat us with ADHD drugs please remember that recently it was shown that these medications were ineffective in treating children (long term) and worse yet had some long term detrimental effects on childhood development. More importantly- engaging in regular exercise and eating a healthy diet have been shown to be more effective than these medications.

We do not want to practice pseudo science but another potential explanation for this NEW discovery is that obese individuals have restricted blood flows to the brain due to their obesity condition and do not exercise adequately nor eat a proper diet. This could also trigger a positive in ADHD testing.

The study also concluded the ADHD might be caused by other factors such as depression and sleep disorders, two symptoms known to have a direct correlation with obesity.

All of these factors could be alleviated by lifestyle changes without the need for additional drugs. If the problem is obesity the cure is exercise and diet not drugs.

It seems to make more sense that dealing with the issue of obesity and healthier lifestyles could ease the symptoms that are causing this concern rather than focusing on the ADHD aspect of the argument. Just our take on all of this recent dialogue. What do you think?