Bill Elm, a business owner and triathlete with a keen eye for technology and innovations offering a competitive edge was challenged by his long work hours and triathlon training regimens. As President of Resilient Cognitive Solutions, Bill logged extended hours behind a desk and battled cramping, stiffness and range of motion issues caused by sitting relatively motionless during the day. He found the solution to his problems in the form of an innovation that lets him move continuously throughout his work day: the TrekDesk Treadmill Desk.

Trading his desk and chair for a TrekDesk Treadmill Desk, Bill and his trainer Ron Deangelo noticed the health results immediately, “As soon as we got him (Bill) up and moving he made huge, huge strides.”

Ron is the Director of Sports Performance at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and is recognized as an expert in his field training many NBA and NFL All-Stars in his illustrious 20 year career. Ron recognized immediately the problems individuals encounter when sitting for prolonged periods, "they end up getting cemented into those positions, so the hip in particular is usually the problem."

"Walking slowly throughout the day with TrekDesk has tremendous health benefits whether you are a triathlete like Bill or have never seen the inside of a gym," states TrekDesk CEO Steve Bordley. "The benefits and ease of use are the same, TrekDesk works for virtually anyone. A study out of Australia showed that even athletes who sit for four hours per day increase their risk of heart disease by 80% and risk of mortality from all diseases by 46%. A critical component to long term health is slow, sustained movement throughout the day."

As a triathlete and a business owner Bill Elm recognizes one particular advantage to using the TrekDesk as well, "You don’t get that afternoon lull. TrekDesk keeps you alert and pumped up."