Stress, the body's reaction to physical, mental, and chemical situations that frighten, excite, confuse, endanger, or irritate us. We all experience stress throughout our lives. How we deal with it has profound implications on our long term health.


Alleviating Stress with a Treadmill Desk

The symptoms of stress include anxiety, irritability, general tension, and sleeplessness. You can offset the long-term health implications of stress which include a host of physical ills, from back pain and stomach upset to high blood pressure and heart disease by walking at a treadmill desk.

Exercise has the power to calm our nerves and reduce our levels of stress. Regular walking such as that provided by a treadmill desk has been shown in numerous studies as a wonderful activity to alleviate the symptoms of stress.

Of course, when you're under pressure, whatever the source, going for a walk may not be the first thing you consider. You're not alone in this. Stress can disrupt the desire to exercise.

When researchers tracked the exercise habits of 82 women for 8 weeks, they found that the women worked out less often during weeks that were filled with stressful events. At those times, exercise was "just one more thing to do."

How do you prevent walking from becoming a stress producer instead of a stress reducer? Incorporating a TrekDesk treadmill desk into your life is a powerful step. Stressed or not we all go to work each day, we might as well participate in an activity that can make us healthier, happier and more productive.

Working at TrekDesk treadmill desk makes the walking automatic and the improvement in mood is just what the doctor ordered.