What Customers are Saying

NOW I AM ABLE TO WALK COMFORTABLY AND WORK MORE EFFICIENTLY! This has been a game changer for me. I typically sat at my desk all day or for most of my day. Now I am able to walk comfortably and work more efficiently. I am getting my steps in each day and am not tired and sore from sitting all day. ....  Read more - DG (Amazon 5 Stars)

LOVE ME MY TREKDESK! I have been using my Trekdesk for almost 5 years without a hitch. I have become an amzing typist on the move and I have lost 40 pounds on the side. Total 5 stars to me in Bloomington, IN TG (Bloomington, MN - Amazon 5 Stars)

NO MORE SITTING AT A DESK! It's been 2 yrs now and I can't even sit at a desk anymore to do my work. I average 6 miles a day and have lost 20 lbs and am stronger than ever. I'm 63 yrs young and would and have recommended ti everyone I know. SE (Los Angeles, CA - Amazon 5 Stars)

CHANGE YOUR DESK, CHANGE YOUR LIFE! I have been using the TrekDesk for about 2.5 years and will NEVER go back to a traditional (only) desk. I wanted to have a relatively small investment in this product/idea at first because I wasn't sure how I was going to enjoy working on a treadmill, so I opted ....  Read more - AD (Colorado Springs - Amazon 5 Stars)

GREAT FOR MULTI-TASKERS! I've had my desk for over a year with no problems. I like the amount of desk space. I have room for two laptops and a full size LCD monitor plus papers. Never thought I would be able to walk and work at the same time because I can't read on my stationary bike with the rocki....  Read more - SB (Freeport, PA - Amazon 5 Stars)

GREAT PURCHASE! I love my TrekDesk! I have been considering this type of addition to my treadmill for a while but wasn't sure it would be useful. It was pretty easy to put together (I did it all by myself) and I am happy that I can use it when I am walking and doing work on my laptop or listening in....  Read more - MZ (Burnt Hills, NY - Amazon 5 Stars)

GREAT PRODUCT! I'm a little accident prone (read: clumsy) and my husband had a few concerns about me trying to walk and work at the same time. I'm proud to say that I haven't had one stumble. LOL. I love my TrekDesk and enjoy being able to spend some of my writing time walking and working. It's a gr....  Read more - GG (Ashford, AL - Amazon 5 Stars)

BEST DECISION I MADE! I have had this desk for a few months now and I LOVE IT! My office is situated so I have my trek desk and my normal desk - but I actually never use my normal desk anymore. My husband has a different model treadmill desk but even he prefers mine. I spread out when I work and I a....  Read more - KG (Northridge, CA - Amazon 5 Stars)

WIN WIN NO MATTER HOW YOU LOOK AT IT! This has been the answer to more than one prayer. I have a rheumatism-ish problem and 2 spinal fusions, so when I sit for any period of time to work, I get so stiff and achy. So, walking while I work is the answer to that prayer. Secondly, this walking is a grea....  Read more - CB (Gaffney, SC - Amazon 5 Stars)

SHOULD BE IN EVERY OFFICE! I invested in the TrekDesk August 2014, and while it took me time to adopt to a rhythm of using it, I found clear benefits from Day One. 1. I was no longer sitting at my desk for long periods of time with no movement 2. I was standing so had a different perspective of my....  Read more - EK (Chicago, IL - Amazon 5 Stars)

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