What Customers are Saying

I have had a TrekDesk Treadmill Desk for 3 years now and stand and walk everyday!!! I am a travel agent and I work about 12 - 14 hours a day. I talk on the phone to clients, I search the web, book trips, write and do everything that I did at a traditional desk. It takes you about 2 weeks to get use ....  Read more - LR (Huffington Post Canada)

I LOVE MINE! It took a little while to get used to focusing on work while I walk (I'm not usually the most coordinated) but now I walk and type and never notice the miles roll by. Best thing- I feel great! TB (Washington, D.C. - Facebook Review)

AWESOME IT CHANGED MY LIFE! Awesome it changed my life , weight loss, got off the caffeine , Health all the way. I strongly recommend this to anyone who is willing to get off the chair and have some adrenaline in their conversation, work , emails and spill that adrenaline even to your coworkers who ....  Read more - SK (Thornton, CO - Amazon 5 Stars)

STILL GOING STRONG! We have had our TrekDesk for over 4 years now and it still gets daily use. It was easy to put together and sturdy. My husband works from home and was sitting in a chair for 10 hours a day, but once he got the TrekDesk, he started walking so much that I had to buy him new special ....  Read more - AK (Carlsbad, CA - Amazon 5 Stars)

The average adult spends 50-70% of their time sitting...lets reduce this amount and change our lifestyle with TrekDesk! In this day and age we spend way too much time sitting down! Whether it's behind a desk, driving, or watching TV on the couch... products like this are a great way to be healthy an....  Read more - PG (Amazon 5 Stars)

AS A PHYSICAL THERAPIST - I know a thing or two about the benefits of being mobile throughout the day. As someone who's grown up playing video games, I find it thoroughly refreshing to play games and walk 2-3 miles doing so. Who ever thought there would be a set-up like the TrekDesk that I'd need to....  Read more - CM (Trenton, NJ - Amazon 5 Stars)

NOW I AVERAGE 8,000-10,000 STEPS PER DAY! I have been using my TrekDesk since August 2014 and I'll never go back to sitting at work. I am lucky to have a generous sized office, as that is where my TrekDesk is set up. I still have a small desk to hold sitting meetings but they are few and far between....  Read more - NY (Fayette, MO - Amazon 5 Stars)

I LOVE MY TREKDESK! I am writing this long-overdue review on my Trekdesk. I love my Trekdesk. It's big, big enough for my work laptop, 2nd work monitor and my personal computer monitor. Trekdesk fits over the handhold bars of my Horizon Fitness treadmill at the lowest setting, but I am still able to....  Read more - DB (Seffner, FL - Amazon 5 Stars)

I LOVE MY TREKDESK! I work from home in the technology field and was looking for a way to multi-task during my day, getting work completed and also staying fit. There are certain activities that I can do while on the TrekDesk - the most common is conference calls. Nobody can detect that I am on a t....  Read more - TM (Sarasota, FL - Amazon 5 Stars)

BEST GIFT FOR YOURSELF OR LOVED ONES! I purchased my TrekDesk about 3 years ago. I work from home and although I live an active, healthy lifestyle, I just knew in my heart that sitting 8 hours a day was detrimental to my health. My hips were hurting, I was sluggish and tired at the end of the day an....  Read more - AR (Fredericksburg, VA - Amazon 5 Stars)

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