What Customers are Saying

BEST INVESTMENT EVER! My boss at work bought me the TrekDesk at the end of February 2015. I started using it on March 2nd. I average 6-7 hours a day walking on it. I have lost 27 pounds in 4 weeks along with eating healthy. My energy level has tripled, I sleep 100% better and overall just FEEL bette....  Read more - JS (Vancouver, WA - Amazon 5 Stars)

HEALTHY SOLUTION FOR TECHNICAL WORKERS! I had wanted to order one of these desks since seeing a show (20/20 or something like it) where a doctor and his entire staff used treadmills while they worked and saw patients. I have a computer-based job at home and spent way too much time sitting in my cha....  Read more - CF (Brigantine, NJ - Amazon 5 Stars)

I LOVE MY NEW TREKDESK! I am able to exercise, get caught up on email and grading all at the same time! I am in better shape, have lost weight and now look forward to getting my grading done! CF (Barre, VT - Amazon 5 Stars)

GETTING A TREADMILL DESK IS ONE OF THE BEST DECISIONS I EVER MADE! Immediately after I started using it, I started feeling better mentally and physically. It's easier to type and work than I thought it would be. The health benefits of standing and walking at work are obvious, but what I did not exp....  Read more - SD (Charlotte, NC - Amazon 5 Stars)

THIS IS A GREAT IDEA! I think that busy people should try this. If you don't have time to step into a GYM or to set time for your daily workout, this is a great idea to keep up with your workout. I would recommend this to anyone who want to make a difference in their lives. SB (Ocala, FL - Amazon 5 Stars)

THIS DESK HAS BEEN AMAZING, STARTING WITH THE EASY ASSEMBLY! I love that it's adjustable; one of my concerns as a tall person was getting a desk that would be uncomfortable to use because the height wasn't quite right. The work surface is huge, so I always have room to spread out my projects and eve....  Read more - RW (Niles, MI - Amazon 5 Stars)

PUT IT TOGETHER IN ABOUT 30 MINUTES! Arrived on time. Instructions are excellent and clear. My wife loves it. JB (Spring, TX -Amazon 5 Stars)

GREAT TREADMILL DESK! The desk was fairly easy to assemble, it's very sturdy and extremely roomy, and it is plenty tall for me. (I'm 5'10") My normal speed is 1.5 mph, but I am hoping to get up to at least 2 or 2.5 in time. Definitely recommend. CB (Oskaloosa, IA - Amazon 4 Stars)

I LOVE MY TREKDESK! CW (Williams, MN - Amazon 5 Stars)

PERFECT!!! Still using and have had almost 3 years. SL (Amazon 5 Stars)

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