What Customers are Saying

I absolutely love my TrekDesk!! Set-up took my husband and I about 30-40 minutes (similar to other furniture assembly) so not complicated. Adjusting the height over my treadmill took us a couple of tries, but only because I wanted to ensure I was comfortable as this is my primary desk now. I work fu....  Read more - Nat (Amazon.com 5 Stars)

This desk has CHANGED MY LIFE!!! I received it as a gift for my birthday and now cannot ever imagine going back to working exclusively at a seated desk. Three weeks ago I was sedentary every day. The day that I assembled the desk I walked almost 5 miles. I walk, on average, between 3 and 5 miles dai....  Read more - LS (Canada - Email Review)

I absolutely love my new Trekdesk! I was concerned about some of the reviews that said it was unstable. I disagree, I love it! I have two monitors on my desk and several other items. I am able to write, type and talk on the phone. The size it great! I am able to have my keyboard, mouse, 2 monitors, ....  Read more - Bear (Eau Claire, WI - Amazon.com - 5 Stars)

Its easier than you think. Everybody keeps asking me how I do but really is nothing at all..HONEST! I put My Trekdesk up Monday night and started working and walking Tuesday.....21 miles so far!!! Love it!!! AR (Facebook Review)

Walking away here everyday – I walk at a speed setting of 1.0 – 1.2 mostly and log 3.5 – 4.0 miles/day on average. It’s just a function of how many damn meetings I have to attend. No meetings and it’s a 5-6 mile day. My back feels great, I’m playing a full schedule of tennis (4-5x/wk)....  Read more - M.T. (San Francisco, CA -Email Review)

We have a support office for a large physician group. The office staff does credentialing, billing, accounting, coding. We also have a 24 hour call center. I am the Chief Financial Officer of the corporation but also a registered nurse. I was the first one to get a Trekdesk. After I lost 12 p....  Read more - S.H. (North Hollywood, CA -Email Review)

I have a TrekDesk in my office at the law school at which I work. It has become somewhat of a tourist attraction among the students, staff, faculty and lawyers who are on campus. I did 8.3 miles today while writing memos, talking to students and using the phone. Once I figured out how to best place ....  Read more - ER (University of Connecticut)

Ok. Got the treadmill – finally! We set everything up Saturday. Saw 58 patients Monday and a whole lot yesterday but today had a break in the afternoon and have gone 2 hours while doing telemessages, mail, lab signing, online banking, etc. LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT!!!! Whoo hoo! Dr. A. M. (Baltimore, MD - Email Review)

Have a Trekdesk at my home, this is one of my best investments in health. MK (Los Angeles, CA - Facebook Reviews)

I like it a lot. I have significantly more energy in the afternoons, and while I’m not logging a ton of miles (too much travel inhibits usage), I figure 2.5 miles/day (approximately) whenever I’m home is a net positive. I can type (I wrote this blog post while on it), create presentations, do sp....  Read more - JB (Bloomington, IN - Company Blog)

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