What Customers are Saying

"Desk Job? You've Got to Get This! Quality / Price Factor is Unbeatable!. I have had a desk job for the past 5 years. I was feeling it: sore back, sciatic nerve pain, gained 15 pounds, lousy sleeping patterns, felt like a lump of clay when I went home every night. Nine hours a day dedicated to an ea....  Read more - Jim (Orem, UT-Amazon.com 5 Stars)

"This is an amazing product! If you are stuck working on a computer all day long, this is the product for you. As you walk at a leisurely 1.5 mph throughout the day you continue to work on whatever project you have. At the end of the day you will have walked over 5 miles. Great desk, really good con....  Read more - NA  (Kingwood, TX-Amazon.com 5 Stars)

"I just took the time to write a blog post about this on myhealthgoal.org blog because I just had to express the difference this TrekDesk has made in my life. I have gone from burning about 1.3 calories per minute sitting at the computer to 5 calories per minute using this. I burn about 500 extra ca....  Read more - AB (California-Amazon.com 5 Stars)

"Wow, this desk is great. You have to have plenty of room, but I love it, week three and I have already logged 32 Hours and 62 Miles!! ." LH (Chardon, OH-Amazon.com 5 Stars)

"Arrived at my workplace as ordered, well ahead of schedule." JvS (Hartford, CT-Amazon.com 5 Stars)

"The product was well packaged and arrived in excellent shape and on time. The TrekDesk is better than I understood from the description material. I highly recommend this product." HC (North Canton, OH -Amazon.com 5 Stars)

"The desk is beyond expectations; very well designed and manufactured! It was very securely packaged. The assembly was simple and the instructions were quite clear and easy to follow (some of the best I've seen with a product)! The desk is very well designed for use, much better than others on the m....  Read more - GC (Lacygne, KS-Amazon.com 5 Stars)

"I was a little sore in the beginning but once I got over that, noticed I had higher energy levels. I use the TrekDesk primarily because I have several hypercoagulable (excessive blood clotting) disorders and it's important for me to keep moving. The peace of mind alone that I can continue to work i....  Read more - Sl (Las Vegas, NV-Amazon.com 5 Stars)

"Nice item, as described. (PS: the desk turned out to be easier to assemble than some user commentaries had suggested)." RR (Woodinville, WA-Amazon.com 5 Stars)

"I'm unlike most users of your desk, I would imagine. I work myself as a consultant. I travel weekly; I run 20-30 miles per week, do yoga and work out regularly. I noticed I needed to eat more or my clothes wouldn't fit and I noticed I was much more focused and productive when using the desk. I drea....  Read more - MK (Palm Springs, CA-Amazon.com 5 Stars)

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