What Customers are Saying

Got tired of everyone in the office asking when I was going to be out of the office so they could use my TrekDesk so just ordered 4 more for the office! BD (Phoenix, AZ-Amazon.com 5 Stars)

I just love my Trekdesk. I have had mine since April 5 and I no longer have back aches from sitting for hours an end. I even lost four pounds. I am looking forward to losing more. JF-P (Facebook Review)

Brad loves his TrekDesk! Uses it every day. I have a treadmill and a TrekDesk waiting for me in the garage ... just need to finish remodeling the office, and then I'm off and running ... uh, walking! EK (Ashland, OR - Facebook Review)

I so love mine. I can't imagine how we worked sitting down all these years. PF (Lancaster, PA -Facebook Review)

It's awesome for studying. I was worried it would be difficult to read but the book holder attachment is very helpful. CS (Bishop, CA - Facebook Review)

I use the TrekDesk at my home office and I am more creative and focused than when I sit a a desk. I can type great, especially when I am updating Facebook!! SA (Cedaredge, CO -Facebook Review)

Just got a TrekDesk from Amazon (can't believe they sent it Priority Overnight), on day 2 now. It's over a treadmill that hasn't been used in a long, long time. Yesterday I walked 5 miles. Today I've walked 5 miles while doing my usual computer work -- and will likely walk 5 more before the day is o....  Read more - SM (Dyke, VA - Facebook Review)

I use my TrekDesk with my bike (on a trainer), with a gel seat over the saddle so I don't need to wear bike shorts. Cheaper and more energy efficient than a treadmill, but I'm not sure it is quite as beneficial as walking because you could still say pedaling a bike is a sedentary activity... MS (Denver, CO - Facebook Review)

Just got mine on Friday. Got it set up on Sunday and have already logged almost 5hrs on it. SO much better than the almost 5hrs that woulda been spent on my BEhind doing the exact same thing on the laptop! THANK YOU TREKDESK & SANTA CLAUS!!! KP (Suwanee, GA - Facebook Review)

I got mine last week. I am very impressed! It's very well built, strong and bigger than I thought. It's well worth the money! It's my first week and I'm burning 600 calories a day while I work! I LOVE my trek desk!!! Dr. R.A. (Guilford, ME - Facebook Review)

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