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And the benefits are staggering. You’ll burn an extra 150 calories or so per hour. Most people say that they’re significantly more alert during the day, and they sleep much better at night. So I jumped in. I elected not to buy a $5,000 unit (there are a couple out there), and building one myself....  Read more - MA (Seattle, WA - Uncrunched.com)

There are also a couple of features of the desk itself that make it stand out from the competition. First, I like the fact that you can use virtually any brand of treadmill with the TrekDesk and that’s a real money saver (you can see the best treadmills to use with the TrekDesk here) . With som....  Read more - EE (Online Review)

Below are some of the benefits that I learned while doing my research on the Trek Desk: Our bodies were designed to spend more time upright on our feet, rather than hours spent at a desk chair. Walking while you work lubricates the hips, knees and ankles, improving joint health While you walk, ....  Read more - LR (Online Review)

Desk took about an hour for my husband to assemble with no problems. I've been using this desk about 8 hours a day or more for my remote home office for past 2 weeks and love this desk. I sat for my job in front of the computer for past 6 years and had back/shoulder pain which is all gone now. Desk ....  Read more - NG (South Carolina -Amazon Review 5 Stars)

We have 2 TrekDesks in the office right now! Love them:) CR (Sylvania, OH - Facebook Review)

If you don't have one - buy one. I love mine. JW (Yorktown, VA - Facebook Review)

After 30 days using the TrekDesk, I’ve walked 175 miles instead of sitting slumped in a chair while doing my computer work and watching TV. Walking 1.5-2mph, I have no problems typing (in fact I’m walking right now, 1.8mph). I’ve already dropped 5 pounds, lowered my blood pressure, get to slee....  Read more - (Online review site) 

I love my TrekDesk I've incorporated it into my work station. My back pain from sitting is relieved. My lower leg edema is relieved. I am feeling better when I am at home. Living example of what I am trying to accomplish. Let's see how I trend over the next 12 months! GS (Kodiak, AK -Facebook Review)

I love it. I have more energy. People say won’t you be tired? But no my blood is circulating all day long and I am more energetic. I can focus better. It feels good. I also feel good about myself because I am getting my activity in instead of sitting. It’s been great. Dr. NK, Indiana University School of Physical Ed. ( Inside Indiana Business Interview )

First review I've ever written. Got the TrekDesk a few days ago. It's everything I could ask for in a treadmill desk. Sturdy, solid, doesn't shake, has cup holders, places for wires, you name it. BS (Washington DC - Amazon.com 5 Stars)

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