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I badgered and pleaded with my husband to get this for me for my birthday. I have now been using it with a treadmill for a month, for between 1 to 2 hours per day, and am feeling much more energized. I assembled it in about an hour. I am quite short so have it at the lowest setting and have found no....  Read more - YM (Amazon.com 5 Stars)

Hi hope you enjoy the review. Read the Summary below to skip all my babble if you want to: BABBLE I'm typing this review while walking on my treadmill and using the TrekDesk. I use a desk top with a flat screen monitor not a lap top. Assembly was pretty easy. Took me about an hour. I'm very ....  Read more - Hall (Amazon.com 5 Stars)

"Love the TrekDesk. It was easy to assemble and it's fun to use. The desk has lots of room and it's still easy to reach the treadmill controls. A very minor accessory was missing, and the seller sent it to me promptly. (The shipment delay was due to a snowstorm, but it was worth the wait!)" Pam (Decatur, GA - Amazon.com 5 Stars)

"In the beginning I only could walk half an hour without interruptions, now much longer. Every week a bit longer. On average 2 hours, due to other activities at the office I can't stay longer than that. Phone conferences and normal meetings are all done off the trekdesk." EB (Cambridge, MA-Amazon.com 4 Stars)

"My schedule is set to half days (i.e. seeing patients or in the hospital or in my office). On my office half days I usually can do 2-3 hours on it (I have to leave for meetings at time, but usually I get a good 2 hours on it and ideally more). about 3 weeks - at first my feet and hips hurt from sta....  Read more - NL (Henderson, NC- Amazon.com 4.5 Stars)

"I am usually on it at least 6 hrs, some times i just use it standing only and at times walking slowly. My back and shoulders hardly don't hurt when I use it consistenly. I started noticing within 1-2 weeks. I have also notice that my legs & butt area is much smaller even though I haven't really los....  Read more - BM (Langhorne, PA- Amazon.com 4.5 Stars)

"I saw the benefits of a trek desk on TV early in 2009 and waited patiently until the product was released and a few reviews had been posted. Then I took the plunge and made my own purchase. My job has me in a chair at a desk all day long and sitting for hours was killing my health. So, I hoped that....  Read more - PB (Rancho Santa Fe, CA-Amazon.com 5 Stars)

"AWESOME! Like others, I too was waiting for this product, trying to be patient. I'd looked at other similar products, but none were quite right. I am happy to say that it was worth the wait! I need to spend a lot of time on the computer (I teach online courses), and my body was not reacting well to....  Read more - KB (California-Amazon.com 5 Stars)

"With any sedentary similiar to mine, calorie burn rates are pretty low. Given that weight goes on easy and prevention of weight gain was almost impossible just by limiting calories for me. This desk has been the breakthrough for this problem TrekDesk has allowed me to walk at a rate of 2 mph for up....  Read more - DK (Stratford, WI-Amazon.com 5 Stars)

"I did a lot of research on this because I really wanted to be more mobile during work hours. It literally is a "pain" to just sit all day. I found the Trekdesk but the product was not available for ordering (still in production). I checked other vendors, but I liked the Trekdesk design best. So I w....  Read more - CG (Oceanside, CA-Amazon.com 5 Stars)

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