What Customers are Saying

"The product is great and the manufacturer is very responsive - they answer my questions personally and promptly." CG (Oceanside, CA-Amazon.com 5 Stars)

"The product is great and the manufacturer is very responsive - they answer my questions personally and promptly." MR (Berkeley, CA)-Amazon.com 5 Stars)

"I have had great service from Trekdesk with questions both before and after purchase. I love the desk. It is a wonderful work surface and has improved my productivity and my time walking significantly." RS (Kansas City, MO-Amazon.com 5 Stars)

"Best investment ever!Great item, well packaged. Working and walking every day!" Reverand CG  (South Windsor, CT-Amazon.com 5 Stars)

After the first day of using my TrekDesk, I began sleeping through the night for the first time in over 10 years. If I happened to wake up, instead of lying awake for hours or taking sleeping medication, I would go back to sleep easily. Within a week, I noticed that my general mood had changed. I fe....  Read more - MR (Kingsbury, IN-Amazon.com 5 Stars)

- "The desk has plenty of room to facilitate work life and choosing TrekDesk allowed me to purchase the treadmill that met my needs without being locked into a treadmill desk combo. My boyfriend and I share the desk; I use it when he travels which is frequently. He's already lost 8 pounds in three w....  Read more - TT (Palm Springs, CA-Amazon.com 5 Stars)

"We are extremely happy with our new TrekDesk. It is spacious and very functional. We spend so much more time on the treadmill than we used to. The TrekDesk is a first quality product." DS (Charlotte, NC-Amazon.com 5 Stars)

"TrekDesk exceeded expectations! Arrived on time and in great condition. Very pleased with the quality of the TrekDesk and how well it fits with my new NordicTrack ZS Treadmill. I have already proven I can walk and multi-task at the same time. No doubt the TrekDesk will revolutionize improving our h....  Read more - KC (Tigard, OR-Amazon.com 5 Stars)

"Felt differently within the first week of use, mostly more energy but also a great appetitite." JE (Toledo, OH-Amazon.com 5 Stars)

"I was skeptical at first and felt like I was looking for a life line when I decided to purchased the trekdesk a few months back. A rule in the house now is if you want to play on the computer or watch tv in our media room, you will be walking or running on the treadmill. This goes for the wife, kid....  Read more - TB (Londonderry, NH-Amazon.com 5 Stars)

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