What Customers are Saying

I like my TrekDesk very much. Assembles quite easily and adjusted to my Icon treadmill without a problem. Yes, the color and design are a little plain. It's not pretty like the Steelcase unit, but it's sturdy and it does what says. The textured desktop helps with keeping things in their place, but I....  Read more - KF (Marietta, GA - Amazon.com 4 Stars)

I just put my desk together today and started using it. I can tell it is going to be so much better than the little shelf I was using before. My computer is now in the perfect position for me to type. And it comes with the best assembly instructions I have seen in ages! BRAVO! SH (Amazon.com 5 Stars)

I did some measuring before I bought the desk and its a good thing I did. My treadmill is a higher quality that sits about 5-6 inches off the ground. Because it sits so high off the ground, I can put the desk on the lowest setting and it fits me perfect. It would never fit me if my tread was only an....  Read more - ChaChaGirl (Amazon.com 5 Stars)

My TrekDesk is well designed, well made and really useful. I accept that others may want to get their exercise working harder for shorter periods running or playing games (so did I when I was young), but at 58 years old, this is perfect for me. Most of the things I love to do (working and playing on....  Read more - Graham Paddock (Amazon.com 5 Stars)

I purchased the Trek Desk on a lark and now using daily M-F in office. I picked up a used True treadmill for $400 on Craig's List to use with it, and it is a perfect match. Averaging over two miles a day. I lost 12 pounds in first 5 weeks of use and do not feel like I am exercising. The Trek Desk is....  Read more - JP (Amazon.com 5 Stars)

This desk is even better than I expected. It is huge, which is good for me, because I can put files and a laptop and my phone and a water bottle and not feel cramped. If you are short on space, it may be a problem. But if you have the room for it, it is terrific to have such a large workspace. I....  Read more - Alice Ramirez (Amazon.com 5 Stars)

I badgered and pleaded with my husband to get this for me for my birthday. I have now been using it with a treadmill for a month, for between 1 to 2 hours per day, and am feeling much more energized. I assembled it in about an hour. I am quite short so have it at the lowest setting and have found no....  Read more - YM (Amazon.com 5 Stars)

Hi hope you enjoy the review. Read the Summary below to skip all my babble if you want to: BABBLE I'm typing this review while walking on my treadmill and using the TrekDesk. I use a desk top with a flat screen monitor not a lap top. Assembly was pretty easy. Took me about an hour. I'm very ....  Read more - Hall (Amazon.com 5 Stars)

"Love the TrekDesk. It was easy to assemble and it's fun to use. The desk has lots of room and it's still easy to reach the treadmill controls. A very minor accessory was missing, and the seller sent it to me promptly. (The shipment delay was due to a snowstorm, but it was worth the wait!)" Pam (Decatur, GA - Amazon.com 5 Stars)

"In the beginning I only could walk half an hour without interruptions, now much longer. Every week a bit longer. On average 2 hours, due to other activities at the office I can't stay longer than that. Phone conferences and normal meetings are all done off the trekdesk." EB (Cambridge, MA-Amazon.com 4 Stars)

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