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Best for My Health Purchase, Ever. I really like not sitting all day long. This treadmill desk is the most brilliant and practical idea for desk jobs. It is very easy to assemble ... I did it myself. It is easily adjustable, which is great for most adult heights. The surface is as large as a r....  Read more - TB (New York - Amazon 5 Stars)

Very Nice Design - This desk is a bit pricey but worth it! Solid construction, clear assembly instructions, intelligent accessories which attach in any of the slots around the edge of the desktop. The height was perfect for our treadmill, and it fits like a glove over the handles. As a bonus it fold....  Read more - KN  (Amazon.com 5 Stars)

Putting Health Back In Your Daily Routine. I've been using the TrekDesk for almost two years now. It may take a little while to get used to in the beginning, but after while, It actually feels weird to do work sitting down! Setting up the desk took under 30 minutes. I recommend having a powered s....  Read more - LC (Amazon.com 5 Stars)

Walked 30 miles last week while working! I am writing my next book and couldn't stand sitting at my desk for 6 hours at a stretch. At the end of the day my neck and shoulders were killing me. The other thing killing me was the weight I was putting on from inactivity. I absolutely love my treadmill d....  Read more - AG (Chicago, IL - Amazon 5 Stars)

I walked 7 miles todaySo the Trekdesk is a tall desk in a u-shape, and it sits over top of a regular treadmill. I bought the Trekdesk on Amazon and found a used treadmill on Craigs. I wanted to find a treadmill that was of good quality and would let me run and incline and all that, and so far i'm ha....  Read more - JH (Los Angeles, CA - Amazon 5 Stars

TrekDesk - Best weight loss tool I have seen. This was my second TrekDesk purchase. I lost 40 pounds working at home using my first TrekDesk so I purchased another to have at the office and make it available to employees that were struggling with weight loss. Amazing tool, if it was slightly cheaper....  Read more - SG (Amazon.com 5 Stars)

So the most helpful review so far is what kept me from getting this in the start. He was showing how it was so easy to shake the desk. So i held back, but a friend actually demoed this for his work and told me just to try it since amazon has a return policy. Im so happy i did. Im going to go over a ....  Read more - MP (Amazon 5 Stars)

BEST INVESTMENT SINCE BUYING A HOUSE: I bought my new trekdesk about a month ago. This tool is life altering. I am a busy, single working Mom who has NO time for exercise. As a former, self-proclaimed gym-rat, staying fit has always been important to me. Unfortunately, kids and career, which entails....  Read more - JW (Dover, NH - Amazon 5 Stars)

I am impressed...I was not sure how I would like the TrekDesk - I heard about the idea about two years ago and have thought about it ever since. Answer? I love it. Before purchasing I saw mostly good but also a few bad review comments - things like that it was not sturdy...? This was from someone wh....  Read more - JK (Warwick, RI - Amazon 5 Stars)

I can walk while I work. I am an online teacher and used to sit from 8 to 10 hours a day. Has helped with arthritis in back improvement, mobility improvement, leg strength improvement, and weight loss. (DC Monument, CO - Amazon 5 Stars) 

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