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I love this thing!!! I'm writing this review using the TrekDesk. It took a bit of time to adjust to working and playing on my desk while walking, but not much. Now I'm playing Angry Birds while on the treadmill, and doing just as well as I do when sitting! I increase the incline and speed of the ....  Read more - SP (Gaithersburg, MD - Amazon 5 Stars)

I started using TrekDesk when I was getting DVTs a LOT, and the blood thinners also caused major trouble. I'd already been hospitalized for multiple pulmonary emboli, too (DVTs, which are blood clots, that went to my lungs). I was in law school and studying or in class all of the time - waaayy too....  Read more - LM (Email Review)

I love my new desk, it is awesome! I normally sit for 8 to 10 hours a day. now I feel like I'm doing something. Anyhow, my goal is to prevent the mid life spread so to speak and three times a week at the gym was not cutting it. Thanks for this great invention!!! DO (Email Review)

I have found my TrekDesk to be exactly what I needed: an adequately sized workspace that I could use while I continue to move my body. It took me a couple of hours to assemble, which were made much easier by my having previously read the reviews warning that a power drill is essential for assembly. ....  Read more - Nancy (Amazon 5 Stars)

NO MORE BACK PAIN! Since I started using the TrekDesk with my treadmill in April 2011, what a difference it has made to reducing my back pain, my thighs are stronger and I was able to lose another 20lbs in addition to better eating habits. MS (Crossville, TN - Amazon 5 Stars)

I purchased the Trekdesk after searching thru the models available online. I chose Trekdesk because I wanted a large workspace that was not just out in front of me but at my sides. I am very, very happy with the Trekdesk. Set up is a little longer that I had hoped, but really not bad. My 12 year old....  Read more - TN (Amazon 5 Stars)

Best thing I ever bought! So all I can say is that even my husband, who hates my spending money, told me several times that this is the best purchase I have ever made. The whole family uses the trek desk. I use it when I work from home, and while you can't really write while walking, typing and taki....  Read more - Jennifer (Massachusetts - Amazon 5 Stars)

I love my TrekDesk. I've been working from home using it for the past 20 weeks now and I still Love it. It's been sturdy and is just the right size to hold all my monitors. I use one big 30 inch Dell Monitor for my main screen and two 22 inch wide monitors screen monitors on each side and they all f....  Read more - NP (Louisville, KY -Amazon 5 Stars)

I can walk while I work. I am an online teacher and used to sit from 8 to 10 hours a day. Has helped with arthritis in back improvement, mobility improvement, leg strength improvement, and weight loss. DC (Monument, CO - Amazon 5 Stars)

Best thing to happen to computing since the internetI love this thing, I use my treadmill twice as much as ever before becauseI can do anything from watching tv, working on the computer, reading a book while walking the weight off. I would use it even as a regular desk as it is so ergonomic for me, ....  Read more - WW (Jacksonville, FL -Amazon 5 Stars)

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