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Putting Health Back In Your Daily Routine. I've been using the TrekDesk for almost two years now. It may take a little while to get used to in the beginning, but after while, It actually feels weird to do work sitting down! Setting up the desk took under 30 minutes. I recommend having a powered s....  Read more - LC (Amazon.com 5 Stars)

Walked 30 miles last week while working! I am writing my next book and couldn't stand sitting at my desk for 6 hours at a stretch. At the end of the day my neck and shoulders were killing me. The other thing killing me was the weight I was putting on from inactivity. I absolutely love my treadmill d....  Read more - AG (Chicago, IL - Amazon 5 Stars)

I walked 7 miles todaySo the Trekdesk is a tall desk in a u-shape, and it sits over top of a regular treadmill. I bought the Trekdesk on Amazon and found a used treadmill on Craigs. I wanted to find a treadmill that was of good quality and would let me run and incline and all that, and so far i'm ha....  Read more - JH (Los Angeles, CA - Amazon 5 Stars

TrekDesk - Best weight loss tool I have seen. This was my second TrekDesk purchase. I lost 40 pounds working at home using my first TrekDesk so I purchased another to have at the office and make it available to employees that were struggling with weight loss. Amazing tool, if it was slightly cheaper....  Read more - SG (Amazon.com 5 Stars)

So the most helpful review so far is what kept me from getting this in the start. He was showing how it was so easy to shake the desk. So i held back, but a friend actually demoed this for his work and told me just to try it since amazon has a return policy. Im so happy i did. Im going to go over a ....  Read more - MP (Amazon 5 Stars)

BEST INVESTMENT SINCE BUYING A HOUSE: I bought my new trekdesk about a month ago. This tool is life altering. I am a busy, single working Mom who has NO time for exercise. As a former, self-proclaimed gym-rat, staying fit has always been important to me. Unfortunately, kids and career, which entails....  Read more - JW (Dover, NH - Amazon 5 Stars)

I am impressed...I was not sure how I would like the TrekDesk - I heard about the idea about two years ago and have thought about it ever since. Answer? I love it. Before purchasing I saw mostly good but also a few bad review comments - things like that it was not sturdy...? This was from someone wh....  Read more - JK (Warwick, RI - Amazon 5 Stars)

I can walk while I work. I am an online teacher and used to sit from 8 to 10 hours a day. Has helped with arthritis in back improvement, mobility improvement, leg strength improvement, and weight loss. (DC Monument, CO - Amazon 5 Stars) 

I love this thing, I use my tredmill twice as much as ever before beacuse I can do anything from watching tv, working on the computer, reading a book while walking the weight off. I would use it even as a regular desk as it is so ergonomic for me, most regular desks are too low for my long legs. Eas....  Read more - (WW, Jacksonville, FL - Amazon 5 Stars) 

Purchased used TrekDesk. Reasonably priced. It did not come with necessary screws for assembly. Contacted manufacturer who was extremely helpful. Quickly shipped the parts I needed. Assembly was very easy. Was able to do it by myself in about 1/2 hour. Make sure you have plenty of room though, becau....  Read more - ES (Brooklyn, IN - Amazon 5 Stars) 

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