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I first saw TrekDesk at the Healthway's conference. Ordered it online AT the conference and it was waiting to be assembled when I got home. Then ordered a couple for our corporate HQ in Ardmore, OK. The staff loves them, though no one else uses it for their primary desk like I do. SL (Cornville, AZ - Amazon 5 Stars)

TrekDesk me time as I can combine exercise & work I need to accomplish. I no longer have to get up at 4am to visit the gym prior to my work day & am able to stay more active during the day. Prior to the TrekDesk, I was sedentary for 10 hours a day including my commute & had to try to get all my exer....  Read more - VA (Vancouver, WA -Amazon 5 Stars )

I'm an older single mother who found myself alone unexpectedly when my husband moved out one day when i was at work. I took a job from home to try and be both mother and provider to the kids. At the same time I knew I needed to do some kind of exercise for my stress level. I was going to end u....  Read more - LW (Huntington, CA - Amazon 5 Stars)

That it is an easy, no-excuse solution to anyone who wants to excercise while working (given their job approves, etc) Thanks for being an innovator in the fitness industry and giving those of us with desk jobs an option of having a healthier lifestyle! I work from home and my friends, boss and co-w....  Read more - ES (Bethel Park, PA - Amazon 5 Stars)

My TrekDesk is a little miracle. After a few months using it, I lost 30 pound, my concentration is improved, I sleep better and I solved my lower back pain problem. LP (Sherbrooke, Québec - Amazon 5 Stars)

This is a no brainer idea I only wish I had this 10 years ago. I'm looking to loose 35 lbs. This is a great tool for computer users that sit all day. Overall very happy with the product !!! Dr. FS (Potomac, MD - Amazon.com 5 Stars)

LOVE THIS! Delivered on the day it was promised. Excellent condition. Have used it every day - working and walking extremely easy! MK (St. Augustine, FL- Amazon 5 Stars)

Yes, I'm writing this review while working on a TrekDesk. I was going to build my own but my wife surprised me with an early Christmas present. Now I'll share what I've learned over the past month of TrekDesk-ing. WORKING WHILE WALKING: Any treadmill desk claims to provide health benefits. I'm su....  Read more - DP (Medford, WI Amazon.com 4 Stars)

I used to sit in front of a computer for 9 hours a day and couldn't lose weight even with regular exercise. I work from home so I was able to buy a TrekDesk and now I walk 4 miles a day while I'm working. I feel so much better and am losing weight. The desk is big and sturdy so it holds my monitor, ....  Read more - Karivan (Amazon.com 5 Stars)

At least 5 miles a day at work (which should blow away my 2010 mileage number of 692 miles at my Trekdesk at work) and maybe a 2nd trekdesk for at home, use it anytime that I want to surf at home, rather than sitting while having computer time at home... :) CM (Vancouver, WA - Facebook Review)

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